November 29, 2005

The Advaita Show #013 – You've heard the podcast, now buy the t-shirt

The Advaita Show #013 (MP3 – 11MB – 30min) >LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE This week, in a special edition to promote our new t-shirt, Bob […]
November 23, 2005

"Who Is Asking The Question" – The T-Shirt

Have you ever been sitting in a room full of annoying seekers and had this person asking the same old question, over and over again? Why […]
November 22, 2005

The Advaita Show #012 – The No-Thing In The Red Shirt

The Advaita Show #012 (MP3 – 12MB – 33min) >LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Well folks, I tried my best to trick him this morning. I […]
November 15, 2005

The Advaita Show #011 – Who's On First

The Advaita Show #011 (MP3 – 14MB – 40min) >LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Driving home from Bob’s this morning, I had the iPod on, and […]