The Advaita Show #008

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October 10, 2005
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November 3, 2005
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The Advaita Show #008

The Advaita Show #008 (MP3 – 14MB – 41min)


This week we’ve got Jonas from Sweden joining us for the usual hilarity and advaita nonsense. We talk about the sex and the drugs, dreaming, and mud.

Thanks for Jonas for being such a good sport. Hope you had a safe trip back to Sweden mate.

Keep those questions and the feedback coming folks. Bob’s reading the site.

I’m in NYC next week so I won’t be chatting with Bob, but if any of you are in the part of the world and would like to catch up for a coffee, let me know via email!


  1. Tan says:

    Hi cameron, Hi Bob,
    many thanks for the show.

    I have not listened to last show yet, but thanks for incorporating the “mud”, but there is one thing that is coming up in my mind again from time to time.

    I have a 2 year old son and the last 6-12 months I can basically watch how the identification process is happening.
    His name is Julian. That is kind of the first thing. Of course you give the child a name.damn.
    So first he learns. Julien. He points at himself and says: “Julian”. ” Julian bread have”. or” Julian go outside” . saying he wants to have bread or go outside.

    Next. That started 2 months ago. He starts to say. “Julian. have My cup”., “cup mine” etc.

    He does not yet say: I am Julian. or I want this …,

    Me, my wife, parents, friends, Life and also basically “the language/grammar” (me, I, you) used are starting the dream of identification in his mind. First I thought is there a way to prevent that? Because I am assuming that the identification with “I,ME,MINE” at some point in his Life will cause him suffering as it happened in my Life. But although I am aware of the process, it seems unstoppable. Nature taking its course. Of course there is no real reason yet to believe that he will suffer in the future. I have to admit there is “hope in my mind” that he will not suffer. But how can I know anything at all? How can I help anyone at all? I can do no thing at all. As cameron say: I do not exist anyway 🙂

    Now my question(s):
    Do you think that the “Identification process with the word I” is natural and therefore actually not preventable for children when growing up? (the environment and my inherent dna-programming etc. bla bla)
    Do yout think that the “longing/seeking for seeing and dissolving this identification process” is also natural and not preventable?

    Cheers from Munich.

    p.s. I think yes to both, but I would very much like to hear your thoughts
    p.p.s I actually can not observe anything like an ego in my mind. Just thoughts that are based on the assumption that “I am not YOU/REST” which I call the identification process ( eventually leading to identification with job, money, my anger etc.) anyway delete that theory. Its just words anyway. Have a beer for me or tea for bob.

  2. Matt Kay says:

    Hello Bob and Cameron,

    Thanks Cameron! Picture this – I am listening to the show, my girlfriend relaxing nearby on the bed not paying much attention to the show until you, my friend, say “Matt Kay … wild drinking parties and multiple sex parties!”, suddenly my girlfriend is listening and because of her limited English, misunderstanding, she is asking me “why are they saying you have wild drinking parties and multiple sex parties and SEX WITH ANIMALS!!!!” – I try to explain, but it only makes the situation worse – did you know that Thailand has highest incidence of severed penises in the world? I bet you didn’t.

    Nervously Yours,


  3. Administrator says:

    Matt…. I’d feel terribly guilty about putting you in this predicament, but I realize there is no “I” to feel guilty and no “you” to feel guilty about. And so I suggest you meditate on this question:


    Until next week….

  4. Matt Kay says:

    Gee thanks! I feel a lot better!

    ‘I’-less AND dick-less,


  5. welcome to forced sannyas by the girlfriend, matt … whooo… the no state of no sex! liberation canno be far away mattanananandajeez

  6. Stan says:

    Hi Cameron, Bob,
    Just a couple of questions.

    One. Do you think there’s a very real danger that, when reading about Advaita, of one set of beliefs can be replaced with another set of beliefs, with no real inquiry taking place at any level? For instance, it’s easy for someone to take on board the beliefs ‘all there is is consciousness/God/Brahman/Tao etc’, ‘my sense of self is an illusion’, ‘I have no free will because there is no one to have free will’.

    Two. I’ve just replayed an old Tony Parson audio download where he says “Although it appears to be happening, in reality nothing is happening. No thing is happening”. What the Hell does this mean? The only thing I can come up with is that, since I know that time doesn’t exist except as a concept, nothing can possibly happen, since there’s no time for anything to happen IN. This is beginning to sound like one of those things Zen teachers sometimes come up with to stop the mind completely and give That a chance to be re-known directly. To paraphrase a great movie line “A mind’s gotta know its limitations”.

    Three. Do I live in Melbourne or does Melbourne live in Me?

    You guys are very entertaining and enlightening (ha ha),

  7. Ellie says:

    Cameron–absolutely SUPER SHOW!!

    Bob–thanks so much for doing this and I have a few questions.

    1. Sometimes I find myself feeling wonderful and smiling for no reason and realise that time has passed (a few minutes?) even though I appear to have been acting appropriately for the given occasion. I wonder if this may be ‘my true nature’ (for lack of a better phrase). When this happens there’s also an impression that I haven’t been ‘paying attention’ and I wondered if this is because I haven’t been LABELLING the passing scene, rather than not paying attention. If this is not my ‘true nature’ then how would I recognize it? Is what we normally call ‘paying attention’ a function of the mind and is that where the mistake is made? What is paying attention and is it necessary?

    2. Having been a seeker for an absurd amount of time I notice that I tend to dismiss or mis-interpret or complicate the elementary, simple instructions that can be the most important. What do you feel is the single most fundamental thing (or NON-thing!) that people miss or mistake when the wish when longing for freedom?

    Thanks so much for your advice

    Ellie (UK)

  8. Tan says:

    Well now my son is saying:
    “You and I, together”.
    “I am Julian”
    The “I”-dream has just started. 🙂

  9. Hi, Cameron …You may have heard the old “argument” about awakening and deliverance … if I recall, the argument goes, there is — as an appearance or story ONLY! Of Course — sudden awakening followed by gradual deliverance (liberation) VS gradual awakening followed by sudden deliverance or liberation.
    What does Bob say about all this?

  10. Sham says:

    Hi Guys,

    Love the show, listen to it almost everyday with my flatmate! Hope it keeps going for a long time.

    Here’s some questions to help pass the time:
    1. Can bob ever be absolutely sure that what he is saying is true?
    2. If bob has managed to work out the meaning of life, how come he still hasn’t quite got the hang of using computers?!
    3. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
    4. Does the sense of ‘I am’ ever disappear completely and forever?
    5. Does bob ever get bored of answering the same questions over and over?

    Thanks again for the best show on the net!


  11. why did the chicken cross the road?

    what chicken? what road?

  12. Bob Seal says:

    Hi Cameron,

    Can’t get the Advaita Show at present I’m on a very, very slow dial up connection.
    Hoping to get broadband soon!

    I visited Sailor Bob last month in Melbourne and of course it has changed my whole life.
    I love the man, he has seemingly freed this seeming me from a life time of seeming suffering.

    Thought I’d share this with you.
    Sailor Bob was giving me instructions on how to find him and mentioned the tram stop number. When he said it’s tram stop number 42, I nearly fell off my chair.
    Being an avid Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Fan. The Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything is number 42.
    What more can I say!

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