Advaita Show Video – Peter Kennedy, Rebel Priest, part three

Advaita Show Video – Peter Kennedy, Rebel Priest, part two
April 4, 2009
The Advaita Show #50 – Tim Freke, Gospel of the Second Coming
September 27, 2009
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Advaita Show Video – Peter Kennedy, Rebel Priest, part three

Recently I spent an hour chatting with rebel Catholic priest Peter Kennedy in his South Brisbane church St Mary’s.

Peter’s “sins” include talking about and promoting advaita and trying to include homosexuals and women in his services.

View part one here and part two here.


  1. Ed says:

    Thanks, Cameron for posting these videos.

  2. daniel says:

    Why is this guy a priest? You nailed him on Jesus:) You know Cameron maybe you’re destiny is to kill religion, a noble cause for sure!

  3. Cameron Reilly says:

    Daniel, I think he’s a priest because that’s what he has been for 40 years. And I don’t think I nailed him, I think he agrees with my position on Jesus actually. Later episodes will reveal all. 🙂

  4. advaita git says:

    If you entrusted someone to run your McDonalds franchise and he tried to turn it into a healh food store, you would fire him. Likewise, Catholic Church has its franchises and he is supposed to be running it according to their rules. There was a hilarious photo in the
    UK Daily telegraph on Easter of the pope at a table with several golden candelabras that must be worth millions with the caption “pope condemns worldliness”

  5. tomvds says:

    This is a nice song and a modern version of the Parable of the Prodigal Son :

    (spoken) In the beginning, there was just God, So God made man in his own image… a little image that is.
    Man asked God, “My God, how great art thou?” And to show man his great power, they played a game.
    Sonny, I’ll play the part of the man, and you’ll play the part of God

    God and man played hide-and-go-seek.
    God told man, “Now man, don’t you peek.”
    Man counted to ten, and then looked around,
    But God was nowhere, nowhere to be found.

    Man looked on the mountain. He looked across the sea.
    He looked in the stars, in the skies, in the trees.
    He looked in the wind, in the sun, on the ground,
    But God was nowhere, nowhere to be found.

    So man made an image and he gave it a name,
    But this man-made god brought nothing but pain.
    Man started shouting “God! Where can you be?”
    “I’m right here man, inside of thee.”

    Oh, man was so shocked, he was really surprised.
    ‘Cuz he looked everywhere, but right there inside.
    Now when man found God, man found love,
    And man found out what we all are made of.

    God is in you and God is in me.
    To love all of God is to love humanity.
    God is in you and God is in me.
    To love all of God is to love humanity.”

    Deadwood TV Soundtrack Lyrics
    Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee – God and Man

  6. advaita git says:

    Hey Tomvds,
    In Thomas 13, Jesus took away Thomas and told him 3 sayings. What do you think he told him? I of course do not know but I guess they were some Bobisms. My guess as follows.

    1) The universe as seen does not really exist.
    2) All there is is awareness in which everything is appearing.
    3) Probably something about one essence appearing as everything: the anger, the fear, the whole nut. The living essence appearing as everything.

    He also said if you say this to others they will stone you and make you resign your ministry.

    Anyone else care to guess?


  7. tomvds says:

    Hey Gitty,

    I like your suggestions: It certainly would boil down to THAT.
    If you look at the translations then you’ll notice that:
    “Three sayings” or “three words” is also a valid translation.
    So according:

    Jesus said to his disciples: “Compare me, and tell me whom I am like.”
    (2) Simon Peter said to him: “You are like a just messenger.”
    (3) Matthew said to him: “You are like an (especially) wise philosopher.”
    (4) Thomas said to him:
    “Teacher, my mouth will not bear at all to say whom you are like.”
    (5) Jesus said: “I am not your teacher. For you have drunk, you have
    become intoxicated at the bubbling spring that I have measured out.”
    (6) And he took him, (and) withdrew, (and) he said three words to him.
    (7) But when Thomas came back to his companions, they asked him:
    “What did Jesus say to you?”
    (8) Thomas said to them: “If I tell you one of the words he said to me,
    you will pick up stones and throw them at me,
    and fire will come out of the stones (and) burn you up.”

    Certainly whatever Jesus said, he must’ve thought it would sound HERETICAL in the ears of the other apostles. Because the saying starts with asking ‘WHO AM I’ the three ‘words’ must answer that, while at the same time adressing the fact that THOMAS has no ‘image’ of jesus. So I would suggest sayings that testify of this non-dual reality where teacher/student is no more…

    1) I AM YOU
    3) SEE, ALL’s YOU.

    Maybe similar to the story of HUI NENG the other apostles were jealous and ignorant and would’ve stoned them if they thought THOMAS had Illusions of Grandeur to be the CHRIST (a second CHRIST, a twin of Jesus : ‘didymus’?). Not knowing that ultimately they would stone themselves in the form of THOMAS: “He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.” – Proverb The Bible: Matthew 26:52

    Anyhow who will say? Pantha Rhei.

    Best regards,

  8. tomvds says:

    Allthough THOMAS has been introduced to the SOURCE he still holds on to the IMAGE of Jesus as being a ‘teacher’. Jesus would’ve challenged this last hold of the ‘ego’, which is just a reflection, thus re-turning THOMAS 180° saying “YOU ARE (the) SOURCE”

  9. tomvds says:

    Something along the lines of :
    (108) Jesus said, “He who will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself shall become he, and the things that are hidden will be revealed to him.”

    (1)You Are the All, (2)the Light of the World, (3)I exist in You as You in Me. Which is True communion

  10. tomvds says:

    This is my final guess; If we take saying 108 of the GOSPEL of THOMAS apart we get :

    (1) “He who will drink from my mouth will become like me”; YOU ARE ME
    (2) “I myself shall become he”; I AM YOU
    (3) “and the things that are hidden will be revealed to him”: ALL IS REVEALED TO YOU

    Any of these three sayings would be enough to enrage the other apostles for they would feel excluded. And if they deified Jesus they would accuse THOMAS of BLASPHEMY.

  11. tomvds says:

    According to Gary Renard the author of “The Disappearance of the Universe” (along the lines of “a Course in Miracles”) he had some conversations with socalled “ascended masters” who informed him about the full story behind the Gospel of Thomas. Also about the 3 missing sayings that Jesus spoke to Thomas. On pag 81:

    1) You dream of a desert, where mirages are your rulers and tormentors, yet these images come from you.
    2)Father did not make the desert and your home is still with Him.
    3)To return, forgive your brother, for only then do you forgive yourself.

    Putting aside the fact that ‘ascended masters’ and ‘a course in miracles’ and such stuff is completely alien to me and I very well can do without it, thank you very much, I find the 3 sayings somewhat out of sink with logion 13. Thomas is treated as a novice and ‘the Father’ (Awareness) is made separate from his existence. He (Thomas ) need not return, he already is Wholeness. I imagine J. will say so emphatically, thereby rejecting the self-demotion Thomas introduced by saying ‘MASTER’. Again logion 108 would be my ‘educated’ guess. But WO AM I 😉

  12. advaita git says:

    Better yet, he might have uttered the ultimate Bobism
    ” have a look”.

  13. tomvds says:

    or “It’s All about ‘NON-JEW-alisme’ ” thus setting the stage for WWI & II ! 😉

  14. tomvds says:

    … (now I will stop making BS-comments and stop my monologue and stop throwing pearls for the swines ;-))

    Farewell !

    (42) Jesus said, “Become passers-by.”

  15. marcus says:

    Jesus said: “See, See, See, Senior !”

  16. Goofy says:

    Hey, is nothing going on here? Eloquent silence? I have a suggestion for the next show, Cameron. After these interview videos, why don’t you try and talk a little about Christian mysticism and compare it with the teachings of Advaita, perhaps together with your Advaita-pal whose name I don’t remember, maybe it was Steve. Or you could read some quotes from Christian mystics, maybe together with quotes from Nisargadatta & co.

  17. Cameron Reilly says:


    I actually recently recorded a couple of shows that tie into gnostic christianity and hellenistic judaism which I’ll put up here soon.


  18. Goofy says:

    That’s great!!

  19. marcus says:

    Please consider the timeless sameness:

    Jesus said, “Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you.

    Huang Po said, “It is that which you see before you-begin to reason about it and you at once fall in error”

  20. Mark says:

    I’d love to hear another show with Cam & Steve, if possible…Hope you guys are doing well.

  21. marcus says:

    I love this pointing-ism; It points and negates at the same time.
    First it says: “little of you value my pure pointing” “You take it for granted” ” It’s a multi-million dollar business. You pay gurus that keep you on the threadmill but you don’t pay me, stupid”,….
    Then it says: “There is no one here to take credit”, “The message is freely offered” ,”No donation is necessary” ,” There is no one here”,…

    I guess this is the mind’s biased version of “Don’t let your right hand know, what your left hand is doing”

    So it seems the expert advaitic pointillist has secured himself through an ingenious roccade of ‘punishing and absolving (himself)’, pointing (to himself and his achievement) and negating (there’s no-one here’); So basically, anything goes; It’s the Ultimate ticket out of jail !!! Anything and everything can be justified through this masterful but deceitful Self-Absolution which is Self-aggrandizement

  22. daniel says:

    recently bullshit 3 fucking months drop the advaita show or do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Max says:

    Hi guys, great video interview with Pete, well done Cameron for your interesting discussion. Off the topic, I just came across an interesting article that tries to put the shit on the idea that free will is an illusion. I thought as that’s a popular topic here that I would post it.
    Here it is:

  24. Cameron says:

    Hey Max

    Glad you liked it. Checked out the New Scientist link and, as it says later in the article, the experiment doesn’t really prove free will. If anything it seems to indicate that Libet’s “RP” might not have been what he thought it was.

    Anyway, the laws of chemistry are all we need to disprove the whole idea of free will:

    1. Decisions are thoughts.
    2. Thoughts are properties of the brain.
    3. The brain is made of chemicals.
    4. Chemicals obey the laws of chemistry.
    5. Therefore all decisions are the result of the laws of chemistry.

    Case closed as far as I’m concerned.

  25. thisonetaste says:

    Really enjoyed this video and this blog. Yes I know it is long dead in the scheme of things (6 months old) but it remains topical. Your most recent post here, Cameron, reminds me of that most inscrutable guru, and my own touchstone from Mumbai, Sri Nisargadda Maharaj, who agrees with you entirely: “You are nothing better than vegetation, like grass growing, human beings are growing.” (
    He, like you it seems, says just stay with the consciousness and it is all you will need. “Forget me, forget Maharaj.” he says.

    Nothing hidden…don’t philosophize Jesus either.

    Thanks very much.

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