The Advaita Show #012 – The No-Thing In The Red Shirt

The Advaita Show #011 – Who's On First
November 15, 2005
"Who Is Asking The Question" – The T-Shirt
November 23, 2005
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The Advaita Show #012 – The No-Thing In The Red Shirt

The Advaita Show #012 (MP3 – 12MB – 33min)


Well folks, I tried my best to trick him this morning. I think I nearly got him with the first question. But he just pulled what I call the “laughing guru” trick – you know that one? When you catch these gurus out, they just laugh. Ho Ho Ho. You’re supposed to think “oh my, he is so happy, so free, so unencumbered”, but it’s really a sneaky guru trick, don’t let him fool you.

My iPod died on me about 8 minutes into the recording and I didn’t notice for… oh… 10 minutes. I couldn’t check what was recorded and what wasn’t until tonight, so we covered a few questions in that time which disappeared into the ether. If yours was one of those… sorry… blame it on the intelligence energy. 🙂


  1. jérôme says:

    hi Bob,hi Cameron,
    a lot of teachers like Andrew Cohen or Echkart Tolle speak about the evolution of Conscioussness,and that we have a great mission on earth that is to make this Conscioussness evolve!!…what do you think of this complete no sense and BS ??

  2. misa says:

    I love these shows said my uncle and sat into big deep rice pudding..

    all your shows guys on one page with The secret photo of sailor bob adamson!



  3. Richard Appleyard says:

    Why is there a difference between “my” experience in dreamless sleep and “my” experience in the waking state?

    It appears that a conscious mind body organism is necessary to create the phenomenal world.

    Madrid, Spain

  4. ravi says:

    So, “i” do not exist, The “I-am-ness” also doesn’t exist, there is no heaven,hell or re-incarnation, then why bother with the satsang??? How does it matter if another part of this illusion “doesn’t get it”??? Some say to experience Bliss, but isn’t the experience of bliss also an illusion??? so, lets just let it be. The world is perfect as it is. so why bother with Advaita or anything else???

    comment please

    thanks for all the pointers

    ravi from Bangalore, India

  5. ravi says:

    Since Time is an illusion, and it is easy to see that the great ever-present-Now is all there is, then isn’t it incorrect to condesend other spiritual “paths” on the pretext that they imply “a path” in time ??? If time is an illusion, then all paths are only NOW. OR in other words Advaita is also a “path”

    ravi from Bangalore, India

  6. ravi says:

    if nothing is in the control of this “body-mind” organism then:
    – do we have the power to be present in the now ???
    – do we have the power to give up desire ???

    ravi from Bangalore, India

  7. Mark says:

    Hi Cam and Bob…
    Great show as usual. I find myself laughing along with you guys as I walk the streets of Massachusetts!

    Cameron, apparently my question from last week was the one that didn’t get recorded because of your downed Ipod. It sounded like you guys really tacked it so I was bummed out that we didn’t hear it! So here is my question again…just in case you feel like re-answering it:

    1. Bob says there’s no ‘body’ there doing anything. He says things like “Does the seeing say ‘I see?’” Does the hearing say “I hear”? I get that, but aren’t we each born with unique “God Given” talents and motivations that set us apart, and doesn’t that imply that there’s a DOER which chooses to ACT on those desires and talents or NOT? There are an awful lot of couch potatoes out there. Isn’t it our PERSONAL WILL that sets those inclinations in motion? Why would this Intelligence Energy give us these distinct drives, yet simultaneously give us a MIND which often RESISTS acting on them? Isn’t that why there really IS free will?

  8. cameron,
    didja ever wake up and feel like you were a bit player in a movie written by a madman?
    … especially after listening to the advaita show?

    is NOTHING sacred?

  9. Polly says:

    I’d be more inclined to buy your advaita t-shirt if you both stripped off for it…What do you say? I think you’d sell alot more.

    ps – thanks Cam for your take on ‘separateness’ which i posted after the last show ..Made sense to me 🙂


  10. Daryl says:

    What is the symbol Bob has around his neck in the t-shirt photo

  11. Stan says:

    I enjoyed your recent podcast, especially the discussion on the AA fellowship.

    From time to time I attend the fellowship known as Gambers Anonymous, which has the same 12 step recovery program. A sticking point for this body mind (I call it the bodmin) has always been the references to God or a higher power in steps 2, 3, 7 and 11.

    Bob, thank you for helping to clarify steps 2 and 3 (“Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to a normal way of thinking and living” and “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of this Power of our own understanding”).

    However, step 7 (“Humbly asked God (of our understanding) to remove our shortcomings”) still hangs me up. It seems to assume that there is someone here who can have shortcomings, and that this ‘I’ can ask God (Self, Consciousness, Intelligence Energy, etc) to help ‘me’. All my ‘Who am I’ inquiries have made it clear to me that there is no one here who can do any asking. The most that can be said is that asking may or may not happen, but there is no self here to do it. Also, having a collection of things called ‘shortcomings’ is itself a bunch of concepts based on comparison with another bunch concepts called an ideal ‘self’ that this illusory self thinks is better and who wants things to be different than they are.

    The Serenity Prayer also sticks a bit. Since there’s no self that God can grant serenity to, and no one here in this bodmin to change the things ‘I’ can, how can the prayer with any honesty and sincerity?

  12. the ‘sages’ say STOP … be still

    is there someone who can ‘stop?’
    someone who can ‘be still?’
    where in heaven or hell IS that one that CAN DO THAT?
    if you find one send it to me
    we’ll bottle it and sell it to seekers
    and oh hell yes …
    make a bloody fortune with that, we would…

    ~ madman across the water
    a pox on all who “sell” ‘the end of suffering’ to “others!”

    cheers and love to bob who sells noone nothing

  13. Tan says:

    How did the whole “Guru Inc.” story of Bob start?

    (… I am asking in secret to see if there is a copyable business modell. Sureley to be improved by me in terms of efficiency and marketing. I mean did you take a look at GuruBob Inc.s revenue and earning growth, they suck and are way below of the industry leaders like “PowerofNowE.TolleMegalomaniacCompanyListentoME,ME,ME Inc.”.)

    But hey now really “seriously” how did it happen that bob started giving answers to stupid questions of all type of folks (of course me included) instead of laying low and doing some gardening? How did it all come together after the time with the ‘Niz’?

    (… and the “out of compassion/love”-routine/answer is duly noted but not accepted for this instance. sha-wing!”)

  14. Carol Long says:

    Cameron, you sound like a logical positivist (materialist), with your belief in “chemistry” and our true being as sub-atomic particles. All those are just patterns in awareness, as opined by one of the physicists you’ve mentioned in the podcasts. Where would the patterns be without awareness of them? Who knows the patterns? love, Carol

  15. Cameron says:

    Carol, I’m not sure about being a logical positivist (even AFTER I’ve read the wikipedia entry), but it does sound pretty rational to me.

    The whole angle of discussing chemistry and sub-atomic particles I find to be a 21st century doorway into this whole advaita thing.

    Yes – they are concepts which appear in awareness.

    For most people struggling to make any sense out of advaita-speak though, I like to use common concepts that we all understand as an entry point to demonstrate things like the non-existence of free will.

    It’s been my experience that once people let go of the idea of free will, everything else falls into place.

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