The Advaita Show #014 – The Guru Gets Ripped Off
December 6, 2005
The Advaita Show #015 – Eliot In Charge
December 16, 2005
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Eliot takes the helm

Hey non-entities – just wanted to let you know that Eliot has chosen (hehe) to fill my size 12 shoes while I’m on holidays! So keep your podcast aggregators tuned to this feed! Thanks Eliot!


  1. Steve of UK says:

    Hi guys
    If E is filling C’s size 12’s could you post a photo of E or even of B,C, and E together on the website(This is how Beatle Mania grew from small beginnings here in Old Blighty) Peace + luvvv Steve of Uk

  2. no way!
    of course elliot “knows” there is no way …
    good news sez ‘me’
    it’s happy here for elliot!
    no penny drops no one to drop
    full stop

  3. jason says:

    Does that mean that no-one will be moderating comments?

  4. Cameron says:

    Jason – yeah I’ll be moderating comments, probably only once a day though. Don’t worry – I’m rarely very far from email. 🙂

  5. Bob Seal says:

    Now Cam, we need a new tee shirt with Eliot on Bob the Guru’s right hand and you on the left, to be sold as a xmas 2005 collector’s item. 🙂

    Great Show!

  6. Rick says:

    I’m travelling 8000 miles from California to meet the co-star of The Advaita Show and you’re going on vacation? Wow, I guess you mean it when you say “there is no one here”. Actually I’m going to see Bob… at least he’ll “not” be there. Can you make sure there are a couple of t-shirts there for me to buy? I want to bring some home for friends and family so I can really get them confused about what the hell I’m in to. A “Cameron and Bob” t-shirt for each of them for Christmas should really get them into a panic. That aside, I think Eliot will make a wonderful host. Maybe I can catch the show live??

  7. Cameron says:

    Ah Rick you’ll get a much more serious show with Eliot in charge! Shame I won’t get to meet you. When are you “goin back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali”?
    (a little somethin for the LL fans out there…)

  8. Tan says:

    Elliot you need to get laid more often.
    can even hear this so far away in Germany.
    Preferrably get in Bed and have some sex with Life itself.
    Take good care of the godpod.

  9. Gilbert says:

    Hi Cameron, Have a great holiday. By the way, I saw the recording device that Bob and Eliot purchased, on the weekend. It appears to be an excellent device with high quality capacities and flexibility. As for being ripped off, I think you pay something like 200 an hour to talk to your shrink on a regular basis. Others donate many thousands to their Guru’s. Isn’t it so very odd, that when some of these ‘seekers’ actually find a true messanger like Bob, they omit any vast donations to what is obviously a ‘worthwhile – cause’. In my case, I was moved to ‘promote’ Bob’s presence ammongst us. That investment has payed off for so many including myself.
    $720 invested in getting a clear recording of what takes place their at Bob’s is nothing and isn’t it great that Bob himself re-directs his own ‘profit’ into such a device? Let’s see some donations, worthy of what is received. I could site some examples of egoistic donations to egoistic organizations but we best stay clear of ‘names’. So, being ‘ripped off’? Hang around Bob long enough and you will get ripped off for sure. However the loss is of the illusion of being ‘someone special’.
    Cheers mate. P.S. get rid of that ipod and get one of those devices Bob purchased.

  10. Richard says:

    Sailor Bob, thanks for letting me see the infinite you are, we are.

    Richard from Virginia, U.S.A.

  11. misa says:

    well done, elliot 🙂

  12. Mark says:

    Have a great holiday Cameron. I’m sure Elliot will do a great job. If Cameron is the “Han Solo” of the Advaita show, Elliot is more like “Mr. Spock.” They’re both cool, just different. Looking forward to hearing you Elliot!

  13. Richard says:

    Siddharameshwar said, “After transcending these 4 bodies (physical, mental, causal: ignorance as in deep sleep, and supra-causal:knowledge ‘I am’ i.e. the fourth state) what remains is formless, immutable, in its own natural state, and steady…This is Parabrahman.”

    So my question is— is the majority of the verbal and written teachings we see & hear on these websites and links aimed towards realizing the ‘I am’ state, which is a state of mind, or pointing to what is beyond/prior to all states, the Parabrahman?

  14. Tan says:

    I like Han Solo and Spock.
    I liked Data a lot better before he got the emotion chip.
    Any other geeky comment I could make. Hmmm. Yeah.

    I read Lord of the Rings about 10 times when I was a kid. I was able to write in Elvish and Klingon once. About 15 years ago. How did I ever manage to get a university degrees while spending time on this.

    Signs of a well (mis)spent youth 😕
    go on rocking hard L.E.OT

    and do think about getting erotically involved with Mrs. Life
    She is a wow !!!

  15. Gilbert says:

    There are some very clear ‘pointers’ in that last interview. Especially about what awareness. Eliot’s reponse reveals understanding. In a humerous way, I hope Cameron doesn’t ‘get it’ for a ‘little while’, otherwise he may not have so many silly intellectual ‘points of view’. I detect that Cameron is actually getting ‘rattled’ in a subtle way. He may have to ‘become’ a guru if he ever lets go of that ‘reference point’.
    Warm regards – gilbert

  16. Cameron says:

    Richard, “the ‘I am’ state”, “beyond/prior to all states” and “the Parabrahman” are just more concepts. You are already everything you are ever going to be.

  17. Richard says:

    Thanks Cameron, Very helpful! Someone once told me facetiously,that with all my concepts, maybe I could pile them up and climb to heaven.

  18. Linda says:

    Thanks heaps to Sailor Bob, Cameron & Gilbert for making the show available I look forward to each episode.
    I was wondering if Sailor Bob could comment on intention and prayer, can they help remove the obstacles to awareness.

  19. Cameron says:

    wow Gilbert, there is something I have to get? Damn. That’s where I must be going wrong. Can I order it on ebay?

  20. Linda says:

    Whoops, sorry, I mean’t Elliott not Gilbert, I bought the book from Gilbert so he has helped me too.

  21. Cameron!
    You can order That Understanding from Gilbert!
    right, Poppananda-Ji?
    (ask Bobbananda)
    Love you all
    especially snarky ole gilberticus

    elliot … i am very very very happy for you
    but wait theres’ more … at the door
    tommy can u hear me? smash that mirror Bobbananda!
    funny storkes for funny folks
    serious strokes for serious b;lokes

    Right Bob ? ? ? RIGHT? please say yes! please please?????


    who the bleep is typing and who the bleep is reading?
    Hallo Bob Hallo Elliot
    “Bob’s Yer Uncle,” Elliot!

    PS Gilberticus thy divine Selfness, where do we send Bob’s Donations? Can we PayPal? That is a serious question. I have a few extra bux not a real lot but some … and will send along, tell me how, ok? Really.
    * Elliot, can you receive PayPal e-mail donations for Bob and cash them for him? *
    Let me know, OK? Then if so i will add a donations-to-Bob link on my site
    (Is that OK with Bob?)
    Much Love and Hugs to Bob and Barbara and all yall
    charlie … the child of a barren woman

  22. Gilbert says:

    Hi Cameron. Stop being a smart ass. We all love ya dude. When Bob expresses some very clear pointers, an obvious blank zone follows. Do you really expect me to believe you truly understand what he has said? Have another listen to the last podcast where the nature of awareness is expounded by Bob and then Eliot. It is so very clearly put. Your response is rather off hand and the clarity of it all seemes to have flown past your nanosecond intellect.
    As I say, it’s all good, even tha bad bits are good – especially for the listeners benefit.
    If we take things ‘personally’, we miss a whole realm of meaning and true understanding is undermined – seemingly. Your a scientist type. Endless formula.
    The word Science means Knowing – not Knowledge!
    Love ya – gilbert

  23. Cameron says:

    Geez Gilbert… if I stop being a smartass, this whole show would collapse!

    I’m just one big blank zone and have constantly said on the show I have no idea what Bob (or Eliot) is talking about most of the time. They are like random advaita generators… the consciousness of the noumenon is the intelligence energy of the illusion which is no-mind in the awakening…

    So you don’t have to fret about whether or not I truly get it or not. You can rest assured that I don’t get anything. And in fact I stopped caring about getting it many years ago. Must be that damn brain damage…

    So tell me… what is it you think I should get and why should I want to get it?

  24. Gilbert says:

    Hi Cameron, Yeah, I hear your words, as if you were here. There is nothing to get but as a friend of mine says: Get knotted! Just kidding. It’s a great show and please don’t change what ‘you’ are ‘doing’. Nanotechnology will find a way of delivering the message somehow. Maybe some minute ‘info dust’ will float into your nose and then your shrink will have to get another client. Forget about brain damage. You seem to be able to get ‘out and about’ and ’cause’ plently of trouble without a brain at all. Hey, lets not start any wars. It’s all in fun. We may even get that stand up comic Tony P to laugh or chuckle for a moment, if he ever gets his head outta that ‘ego bag’. Oops. Damn, I promised (to myself) to behave myself. Must stop talking to myself or I might need to take that empty appointment at your shrinks clinic. Hey, maybe I could swing him outta his ‘ego bag’ and get him dancing on the tabletops. But I would charge him triple.
    Love ya dude – gilbert

  25. Richard says:

    Hi everyone..Just like to say love the podcasts, and Bob’s straight forward lucid presentations of the teaching. Like most on here I’ve come through years of following the empty promises of various practices. Finally reaslising the futility of those practices and ending up (like so many) with Nisargadatta, Siddharameshwara and Bob.

    As fate would have it the question i was going to ask(the four bodies, and fourth state)has already been answered(by the Intelligence Energy) through Richard…. and been answered through Cam! ;o)

  26. Richard 'Will' says:

    To avoid confusion with the other Richard I will call myself by my middle name …’Will’ as in Will-i am ;o)

  27. Gilbert says:

    P.S. You say:…… the consciousness of the noumenon is the intelligence energy of the illusion which is no-mind in the awakening…
    Allow me to correct you misapprhension.
    Consciosness is the Phenomenon, not the Noumenon!
    Awareness is the cognizing emptiness – no thing.
    Recognizing that all that is seen is registering on that clear empty space of knowing….then one knows what Siddharameshwar Maharaj calls Thoughtless Reality.
    Bob and the ancients call it non-conceptual awareness. What concept or what grasping ownership or identity can one place over or into that?
    ‘When’ this singular fact is cognized fully without there being a formation of a ‘knower’ of that, ‘then’ the ‘game is over’. Intellectual stalemate!
    The apparent mind game may take awhile to ‘wind down’ over ‘time’ but the momentum depletes itself and ‘then’ as always – All there is, is Knowing.
    Belief is useless!
    Lov ya – gilbert

  28. Steve of UK says:

    Dear Cam Thank u 4 being a smartass the combination of smartass,Bob and guests warms the cockles of your heart ,here in the bleak midwinter in old blighty.It’s fun to hear Bob questioned and made to spell it out .Bob ‘s laugh gives his point of view on the proceedings.Keep playing the dualist’s advocate .Yours from the Bournville Advaita Show Appreciation Society.

  29. relax lads
    have a fosters

  30. Brian says:

    Hey Cameron!

    Keep up the good work! Love your humor and playing devils avocate!

    Hey Gibert what’s up dude? rrrrrrrrruuuuuuurrrrr rrrrrruuuuuuurrrrr “Advaita Police” is out. “A doo doo doo a da da da is all i want to say to you”.

    Gilbert, you know what is best for Cameron- can you absolutely know that’s true?

    For a nobody you are certatinly in just everybody’s business telling them how to live their lives. Measuring this and that , who cares? Sometimes, we really look silly when we bark at the mirror.

    Love ya Gilbert
    oops, said the L word that you don’t like
    Speaking of that , Naama and I are now engaged! Fun, Fun! Can you celebrate that? Woopee!

    Happy holidays to ya Cameron and yer family
    Love and hugs to Bob & Barbara

  31. jérôme says:

    a thought for Christmas:

    before Jesus was,I AM…Guy Smith.

  32. Rick says:

    Hey Cameron,

    As much as an infinite void can be filled by no-one with no-thing, I tried to fill the Cameron-Gap with a little irreverance here and there in the last show. Yeah, shame I’ll miss you this trip. You were right up there on my list of attractions with Bob, Eliot, and the Koalas (they’re marsupials, not bears).

    By the way, love the “Random Advaita Generator” comment… I think it’s appropriate given there seems to some RAGging (American for “criticism”) going on here in the comments. 🙂

    Placing any value on any one thing over another, e.g. getting it or not, seems aimed to reinforce a reference point – the exact misperception that this message seems intended to reveal. And suggesting suitable reimbursement for a message that is more worthy than another I think suggests a similar error and can only cloud the message that all distinctions are ultimately groundless – existing only as a transient thoughts. Any distinction of value, worthiness, appropriateness, etc. is inextricbly tied to some reference point – a reference point that, when looked into, is found not to exist. I would guess that the importance of money (given or received) decreases in direct relationship with the clear understanding of this message.

    Despite that, I intend to give Bob everything I own and demand that everyone I know to do the same.

  33. best wishes and much love to you (not?) two, naama and brian …
    i enjoyed meeting you … gawd is it a year ago? in santa cruz…
    time sure flies when there isn’t any.
    love you

  34. Richard says:

    Brian, Thank goodness you are there to police the “Advaita Police”, although I think Cameron is more than capable of taking care of his pattern on his own.
    Congrats on your and Naami’s engagement! After 35 years of marriage, my unsolicited advice is: learn the phrase “Yes dear” and repeat it often.

    Eliot and Cameron, When will there be an Advaita show #15 (or has it already happened and due to my technological incompetance, I couldn’t access it)?

    Thanks, Will, for your name change. When I first saw your post I though I was writing to myself—which of course, I am.

    Warmest regards to all one,

  35. Gilbert says:

    Luv ya Brian. Just stirring up the Possum Soup mate. Chill out. No one to get their nickers in a twist. Looks like you better get some new nickers yourself. Maybe you can borrow some of Naama’s. Jeez! you Non Dual Dudes really can’t take a joke.
    Anyway, congrats on the engagement of no one to no one. Don’t let Golum anywhere near the rings, OK. Enjoyed the Radio Interview with you chaps.
    Emails can be a bit cold and misread at times. Love – Gilbert

  36. Brian says:

    Yep, gilbert …e-mails can seem cold…I hear ya

    Chill, yes, I like my martinis shaken, not stirred, avec a twisted lemon mate, lol!
    Accuse my french, the only possum stirring is my Love (Naama) going Down Under. Oops!

    I don’t need u to tell me i’ve soiled my pants, haha. I can’t take a joke because I am a walking joke, nothing special at all, ha!

    Thanks for the grats!

    the dog barking in the mirror is barking “Mu”.

    thanks Gil, you lovable Dwarf of the Rings
    pull yer beard, honk honk (Harpo sounds)

    Love Brian

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