The Advaita Show #016 – Guru Chic

The Advaita Show #015 – Eliot In Charge
December 16, 2005
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January 1, 2006
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The Advaita Show #016 – Guru Chic

The Advaita Show #016 (MP3 – 14MB – 39min)


Hey folks

Cam back from getting a tan. Did another show with his Bobness yesterday and tried to get clever and use TWO MICS…. but it didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped. The 2nd mic we used to record Bob was one he had and the recording was murkier than George Bush’s logic. Anyway, I’ve cleaned it up as best as I can, but it still ain’t great. My apologies. Will buy a brand spankin’ new 2nd mic to record him with before next week.

That disclaimer out of the way… should you choose to go ahead and listen… we’ve tried to answer some of your questions from the last couple of weeks, including:

    what’s Bob’s reality
    is there awareness after death
    how do you “use the mind” if “the mind” is just ego
    If there is no such thing as FREE WILL, can there be such a thing as CREATIVITY?

And then my website borked itself, and we had to stop before we could answer all of your questions. Probably a good thing seeing as the recording was also borked.


  1. Leon says:

    Hi guys, heres a provoking question:

    Is more than one entity required for love to operate?
    If so, then how real is love?
    And, if not, what would be the point of marriage?

    ps: love what you are doing on this show. Been listening to it on the PC, instead of iPod – easier to control volume.. hint-hint 🙂

    Leon, South Africa

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks Cam and Bob for answering my question.

    Cam—I’m convinced Bob’s ongoing microphone issues are a COVERUP! I think Bob is simply becoming more enlightened every week and is slowly becoming INVISIBLE right before your eyes, isn’t he! He’s pulling the old ‘dissapearing Guru-of-pure-Light’ trick isn’t he! Come on Cameron, confess!

    A new question for Bob:

    So what’s the point of it all? Is it just a game? Is there a reason? Why are we here? Do we just appear and do stuff just for the heck of it? Can anything be taken seriously?

  3. Cameron says:

    Mark, I bought a brand new you beaut 2nd microphone today which will prove your theory wrong next week!

    Leon, to quote Howard Jones: “what is looooooooove anyway?”
    To pre-empt Bob’s response ($50 says he says something like): what/who/where is this entity that you think is experiencing love?

  4. Richard says:

    How can you say, “…murkier than George Bush’s logic.”?
    Have you seen any evidence of logic, murky or otherwise, eminating from that man?

    Question: Are billions of flies invading the coasts of Australia as I read in the news? Are they expressions of the Absolute too, making them our equals?

  5. glenn thomson says:

    Thanks very much Cam and Bob for answering my question and another great show. Personally I find the quality of your recording far superior to some commercially available Advaita recordings where the concept of “no one there” is obviously being represented aurally.

    When Bob says that the awareness is expressing through this particular body pattern ( or biddy pattern as the case may be ) and when this body pattern breaks down the awareness is still expressing through all the other body patterns, does this mean that at its essence this sense of I that we all feel is the very same I ?

    While a sense of being seems to be contained in my head it is in fact not localised or dependent on this body mind ?

    At death then is anything lost other than this sense of a limited perspective ?

    Has Bob lost this limited perspective already ?

    If so ( and I know we all love vicarious guru thrills ) can Bob talk on his day to day sense
    of what that is like ? Does death hold any fear or mystery ?

    Happy timeless 2006 one and one.


  6. Cameron says:

    Richard – GWB and the billions of flies are all made from the same stardust that everything is. And I intend to slap them ALL back to whichever dark hole they came from.

    Glenn – wait until you hear next week’s show! My new mic is da bomb! It’s going to blow you away. You’ll be able to HEAR the absolute non-beingness!

  7. Corey Vance says:

    Cameron & Bob,
    Thanks for answering my questions on the show!!!

    The discussion has definitely helped me get a better understanding,
    however, I do still feel like I exist.

    How exactly did you move from obviously existing to obviously not existing?
    What was it that made you understand deeply that you are not a separate entity?
    I’ve read books on Quantum Mechanics and spirituality, I understand intellectually
    how we are all one, but it doesn’t feel that way. My everyday experience is that I’m
    one of the many balls of consciousness wrapped in a sack of skin.

    Thanks for all the help and for the show, you guys are awesome!


  8. Cameron says:

    Corey, when you say “I do still feel like I exist” and “My everyday experience”, have you defined what the “I” and “my” is that you are referring to? Who is it that owns this feeling of existence and experience you find so compellingly real?

  9. Mark says:

    Happy New Year to everyone…even though we all know that there really is no such thing as a new year. The Awareness just keeps seeing through our eyes, noticing the same ol’ stuff, watching our bodies carry out the same simple functioning, watching the clouds pass, the sky turn light and dark. Nothing ‘new’ about it really…just the same old happenings.

    Which brings up another interesting insight/ reminder: (yet it’s probably obvious in Advaita circles I suppose):

    If there’s no such thing as linear time, I guess this thing called “getting older” really just a watching our forms change within the timeless awareness, right? In other words, we don’t ‘get old’, nothing gets old, we simply change physical form, and as we watch this happen, the ONE who watches is eternal and ageless, right? Right!

    So Happy New Awareness everyone.

  10. Brian says:

    to quote Howard Jones more…
    “And maybe love letting people be just what they want to be,
    the door always must be left unlocked,
    To love when circumstance may lead someone away from you,
    and not spend your time just doubting”

    fun, fun

    Cheshire in wonda-land

  11. Hi, Sailor Man…
    This Blog’s For YOU …

    “Out of Nowhere”
    You came to me from out of nowhere, You took my heart and found it free. Wonderful dreams, wonderful schemes from nowhere Made every hour sweet as a flower for me.

    Play Stan Getz’ Version on line

    Thank You Bob
    Love you!

  12. Richard says:

    A well-known, older, married, Indian spiritual teacher is said to have tried to take advantage of his female students, who placed trust in him. It’s also said that if this should be brought to light, he had a written statement to read, which said he did nothing wrong, it was his mind/body apparatus that did these things.
    Does being aware of the spiritual mean that one’s “vehicle” has no accountability?

  13. tan says:

    poetry is not gonna cut you a deal. c.h.

  14. tan says:

    well if ramesh did actually write that statement with his dick, that would make him free of all further obligsations. 🙂 (.. and he could join guiness book of records)

  15. tan says:

    .. or was it this ‘chimnoy-pumping iron’ as well. there are so many of these older indian guys taking advantage of their female disciples. one can get lost.
    our advice: Dont buy drugs: become a guru get drugs and sex for free.

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