The Advaita Podcast #32 – Corey Doesn't Have It. Or Does He?

The Advaita Podcast #31 – Douglas Harding 1909 – 2007
January 12, 2007
The Advaita Show #33 – Bob In His Natural Habitat
February 17, 2007
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The Advaita Podcast #32 – Corey Doesn't Have It. Or Does He?

Listener Corey Vance from Rochester, New York, joins us today on the show to talk about how he discovered non-duality teaching and where he is at with it. Steve takes a break from being Mr Mom and joins us about half way through the show.
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  1. Richard says:

    Very much liked the show. Steve had some good things to say. His voice and inflections are identical to Tony Robins’. Maybe it’s the California sound.

    I’d say more but suspect this post will fail to go thru as did a previous attempt.

  2. DharmaMike says:

    Corey, man, feelings always follow thought. No matter how generalized your anxiety seems, if you really try you’ll be able to trace it back to a thought.

    Listening to Corey, I hear myself at the time I talked with Cameron. As a recipient of Cam’s interrogation, I feel a certain kinship/brotherhood. The best advice I can give (there’s no free will, so no choice in whether or not to give any πŸ˜‰ is to just shut the hell up and really listen to what Steve and Cam are saying to you.

    Someone on the AdvaitaNow group (Richard?) commented on Jesus’ saying, “seek and ye shall find.” I think this is true, but you have to view it in light of the parable of the mustard seed. If you allow a little bit of Truth to worm its way in, it’ll set you free. Stop answering the questions…just let them hang there and clarity follows.

    There is no independent entity who: feels anxiety, is enlightened, gets it intellectually, has to be reminded daily, etc. WHO do you think you are?

    Advaita Show Class of ’06

  3. Ralph says:

    Great show Cam !! you should have Steve more often as your co-host. You guys feed off each other very well. Thank you and Keep’em coming.

  4. Cameron says:

    I was just telling Steve that I rang Bob out of the blue today and I said “what are you doing?” and he replied “listening to the podcast!” and I could hear Steve’s voice in the background! That’s a weird feeling.

  5. Gareth says:

    Excellent show guy’s…..doesn’t come much clearer than that .Thanks.

  6. Mike A. from San Francisco says:

    Good show Cam, keep em coming. Corey, thanks for putting yourself out there.

  7. Brompot says:

    Hi Guys,

    Reaction from the Netherlands
    love your show, please go on, you make my long car rits enjoyable.
    I’ve found some other stuff on the web:
    Eli Bear Jaxon, Ganga ji, John Sherman, catherine Ingram

    Maybe some insights on them or other tips to listen to?
    Especially i am interested in talks about struggling (getting money earned for ye kids) and get loose with it

    — lost my head ….

  8. Steven Witt says:

    Okay, try and imagine two sources that could not be more different — the time they lived, their respective parts of the world and all that those places and times imply culturally; their education, their gift for language, their fame…..keep going if you wish.

    How about William Shakespeare and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

    Odd that they are so completely different yet say the same thing. Perhaps it is not they who speak?

    “In deep sleep you are not a self-conscious person, yet you are alive. When you are alive and conscious, but no longer self-conscious, you are not a person any more. During the waking hours you are, as if on the stage, playing a role, but what are you when the play is over? You are what you are; what you were before the play began you remain when it is over. Look at yourself as performing on the stage of life. The performance may be splendid or clumsy, but you are not in it, you merely watch it; with interest and sympathy, of course, but keeping in mind all the time that you are only watching while the play -life- is going on.”

    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

    “To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time;
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life’s but a walking shadow; a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

    –From Macbeth (V, v, 19)

    Play on fellow idiots, play on. But do not pretend that “you” have even a tittle of control or say in how this grand play unfolds.

    Therein lies true freedom.

    And real Love.

  9. Helen says:

    Great show guys.

    Cam – sounds like Bob might be interested in making an occasional guest appearance or even resuming doing the show on regular basis, perhaps?

    Please say “yes”, Cam and Bob – give us hope!


    Helen in LA

  10. Ralph says:

    Hey Cam,

    Hou about a new show with a panel of 4 people. With you, Elliot, Steve, and a new guest on each show.
    Your guest would be nonduality teachers and /or people who are trying to get that they do not exist .

    What do you think ?

  11. Cameron says:

    Sounds like fun Ralph but I don’t know any other non-duality teachers, only Bob! I’ve got something else in the works… stay tuned.

  12. GARY LASHMAR says:

    last show was shit hot mate. it’s about time you guys toughened up a little bit.

    P.S. What do ya think of this name for a book i’m writing?


  13. Gary Lashmar says:

    RE: Ralphs comment. Sounds like a good idea to me. I’ll be on the panel for you mate. You’ll have to fly me over though. i’m skint.

  14. Gary Lashmar says:

    It says my comment is awaiting moderation. DON’T YOU DARE! I’LL SUE!

  15. Corey Vance says:

    Steven, That is some damn good stuff.

    Cam and Steve, thank you both for the help.

  16. Gary Lashmar says:

    To me me your whole show is a giggle. It’s fun. And what is so amusing to me is that all of the above comments and considerations and all movement away from the space. From what it is that’s being unconsiously searched for. It’s all happening inside of the space.

    Gary Lashmar
    LONDON 2007

  17. Marcelo says:

    Cool show – I loved the “without a doubt… but”

    That’s how over analytical people are Corey – over analyse without seeing. You can’t force yourself to full stop, but at some point, things will fall into place, it’ll hit you when you least expect it – thats how it happens for over analytical people.

    It won’t be long before you can see the forest… and the trees.

    It took me a few good years, where all other actions kind of stopped in order to find it (though this i’m sure is not true for every seeker). But as soon as I saw it, rather then just understand it on some conceptual level. Then… bam!
    Thanks bob…I mean thanks, umm, er no one, crap! Advaita destroys normal language – which is a good thing – we need an advaita dictionary where every description for every word is blank.

    There was always the ‘but’ for me (I am holding back here, trying to stay serious and not make a joke about that (damn!… I just did)). Meeting Bob helped me drop the ‘but’. Also, turning 35 may have helped me drop the ‘but'(ok, ok… so I have no free will – btw that was a joke about ageing) – seriously though, meeting Bob isn’t necessary, as I have helped a friend recently drop the ‘but’. And hell, I’m what other people call ‘a homo’ the lowest of the low, a sinner against all religous Gods evil sodomite – I’m the reason why the world is coming to an end etc

    If I found it, then anyone can find it.

    I liked how you guys were talking about no one being home, then Corey drops out and all you can hear is Cam going “Are you there… ?”

    I have a question actually which just came up. It’s about the term intelligence energy. What is bob referring to? The no – thing or the appearance – I know that they are one in the same but if I point to my center, I see no energy(movement) or intelligence, just no-thing.

    So, what up Bob?

    Am I not seeing the forest for the trees here or what?

  18. Gary Lashmar says:

    it is the questions that are causing the obstruction to clear seeing. like stones being thrown on a still pond. and any answer gotten is just someone handing you more stones.

  19. Marcelo says:


    Questions are part of it. There is never a movement away from it.

    All the world is a dancefloor, moving in different modes, to the same beat.

  20. Richard says:


    Inelligence energy, I think, is one of many terms used interchangeably by Bob (presence awareness, cognizing emptiness, self-shining emptiness, etc,) As such it is the unmanifest upon which the manifest appears.

    When you see no energy at what you think is a center, that which sees is what is spoken of above.

    How did you help a friend drop the ‘but’?

  21. Wow, another great show guys.

    BTW, great seeing bobs handsome shiney-bald-head on the video-cast as well. Are you planning any more vid stuff Cameron?


  22. Cameron says:

    Thanks Blimey ‘O’ Shit. No more vid planned as I don’t see Bob much these days and video of myself talking into a microphone doesn’t seem like it would win an Oscar.

  23. Marcelo says:

    Thanks Rich.

    “That which sees” – So, the stillness sees, I understand that. I understand cognizing emptiness? Is that what your saying?

    How can this stilness be called energy though? Energy is movement. Is this energy refference just the appearance, the movement? Surely energy can’t be a refference to that no-thing? I understand that all words are embedded in the human condition and therefore limited, and cannot ever come close to it, as hard as we try, but I think energy, which implies movement is too far away from no-movement.

    I’m just arguing a technical point here Rich. Just trying to figure out Bobs words.

    Over a decade of friendship – thats how I helped him drop the ‘but’!

    We have always spoken of these things, but only after it came clear to me, was I actually able to help. He also started reading Bobs book, and did a few douglas Hardings experiments – but prior to that we had had a few ‘chats’ – one on one satsangs.

    I have this experiment that I do with a few friends that have always come to me for talks about non -duality. Nothing too flash or original about what I do. I just get them to repeat the word “me” over and over, untill they realise that they are ‘watching’ the word and are not that “me” word. Pretty simple really. But after 10 years of effort on mine and his part, after knocking down layer after layer – it finally hit him. Anyway, thats what he says.

    My friend wasn’t a seeker in the traditional sense – though neither was I. But the way I see it, I think everyone is seeking somehow. I’m sure you speak to friends etc, and they may get curious as to what your on about. Same thing happened here.

  24. Marcelo says:

    “The question mark after “I understand cognizing empitness” obviously shouldn’t be there.

    I can be a lazy typer sometimes

  25. Richard says:

    Hi Marcelo,

    I’ll try the repeated ‘me’ exercise.

    I don’t talk to friends about this stuff because I have no friends. No enemies either. I’m pretty much a recluse.

    Bob often talks about patterns. Maybe this is how the energy fits into this. The Oneness forming patterns may be seen as energy. Not sure if this is what is meant. We have to “dig up” Bob and ask him.

  26. Gary Lashmar says:

    Marcelo my old china. chill out! I think you know where i’m coming from when i say moving away from it! I am talking about the realisation of this.

    You reply: “Questions are part of it. There is never a movement away from it.
    All the world is a dancefloor, moving in different modes, to the same beat.”. That is the most cliche statement i’ve ever heard.

    I hate the bullshit sidestepping and pc nonsense that to happen when talking about this thing. can’t we just read between the lines here and stop correcting eachothers gramma

    Questions are useless in the realm of clear seeing. Yes it is true that questions are part of the whole. And that is not a helpful statement in any way shape or form. Seeing that questions are part of the whole is a consequence. Nothing matters after. Nothing. Before the seeing i think the best teachers keep things simple. (bob does this beautifully). It’s like when people say there’s nothing to be done. Of course in hindsight that is the case. And before the realisation that is not true. to say there’s nothing to be done is informing the personality and that is dangerous. Oh Marcelo, please excuse the above gramma. I had to write this very very fast no time for editing here.

  27. Cameron says:

    oh I love nothing more than an episode of advaita bitchin!
    Gary, “dangerous”? To what or to whom?

  28. Corey Vance says:

    I forgot to mention in my last post that I really liked the new intro with Bob
    on this podcast.

  29. mike smith says:


    Start from realizing “you” are That…then move up to …thoughts are That, mind is That, all emotions… anxiety, happiness, anger… are That too. You, thoughts, emotions, mind, ego are all tyransparent clearness. All transparently connected

    You are a puddle on the ocean… thinking you are seperate… but even the thought is a drop of water on the puddle.

    Mike Smith

  30. Cameron says:

    Wyatt – good find!
    Corey – thanks I was wondering when someone was going to notice! I laughed my ass off making that. Everyone realizes it’s a porn soundtrack, right? And the idea of Bob and porn together… just seems right, ya know? πŸ™‚

  31. Steven Witt says:


    Did you notice that intro on your 13th or 22nd listen?

    Good on ya mate.

    Hey, Gary, c’mon the show. I actually hear ya on that word “dangerous” and we can explain why. Cameron is just doing that Adviata police crap. What does he know?

    Nice find indeed Wyatt…you dug his as up!!!

  32. Marcelo says:

    Sorry gary, I don’t know what you mean… How do we move away from it?

    The realisation of what, and to whom?

    And I don’t see whats cliche about the dancefloor statement it. When was the last time you heard anyone actually say that? Is it more cliche then your pond?

    As to the “theres nothing to be done” comment – Theres nothing to be done because theres no one doing… its being done. If nothing is being done then thats whats happening, if something is being done, then thats whats happening too. If you wanna sit on your ass and watch tv all day and seemingly forget about it, then thats were your going -you’ll know alot about TV but thats about it. If not, then you might end up doing satsangs and talking about this stuff and be reminded of it consistently –

    Wherever it takes you, is where its meant to go.

    Thats called being chilled out.

  33. Marcelo says:

    And one more thing Gary, because I only speak the truth.

    I Am That is the ultimate truth… but a close second is that ice cold beer tastes good.

    Be happy to share a couple of virtual beers when your ready

  34. MichiganMark says:

    I’ve listened to this one a couple of times now, and I keep coming back to Steve’s notion of “hints”. Steve, you are indeed giving some very astute pointers, and I feel like I may be sneaking up on it – in my own way, of course.

    Everybody says the truth is right in front of your nose, but nobody seems to able to “get it” without going through a time of intense effort. I am confident that the truth will eventually present itself and I will be able to get hold of it. Did you know that you use the word “hints” when you try to explain things, Steve? “Hints”, may sound like coyness (“Why don’t you just flat out tell me?”) but I am starting to understand that a certain amount of indirection is necessary. Words alone just don’t cut it. Hints are good. Keep ’em coming!

    Second point – I teach EngLit (there, I’ve said it!). You don’t want to get me started on the advaita/lit connections. “Hamlet”, for example, is little more than an extended meditation on karma yoga. Essentially Hamlet must decide whether or not it makes sense to seek revenge for his father’s murder. What is his duty here? Is it better to act, or to avoid action? What does it mean to “act”? How is it possible to avoid action? In what sense do I feel like I should be an agent of retribution? “Hamlet” has always been seen as a play with a tragic hero whose tragic flaw is “thinking too deeply”, or “procrastination”. I have always seen it as a dramatic presentation of karma yoga – a sort of Western riff on the Bhagavad Gita. In the end Hamlet does what he was always going to do.

  35. Cameron says:

    Indeed! I love Hamlet. To help you prove your point, here are some more quotes from the play:

    To be, or not to be: that is the question.

    This above all: to thine own self be true.

    There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

  36. MichiganMark says:


    “I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams. (Hamlet, II.ii)”

    Yep… it goes on. If you like “Hamlet” for its rich advaita overtones, you’ll love “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”, by Tom Stoppard, which is a take off on “Hamlet”. The basic premise (as you probably know) is that the two most expendable characters from “Hamlet” get a play of their own. We see everything that happens to them when they are “offstage”, and then witness them coming “onstage”, when they are compelled to say their scripted lines. It’s deep, but it’s funny. Free will, fate, and suicide. Can’t beat it.

  37. Cameron says:

    Mark, thanks for reminding me about R and G, I havent seen that in years! I’ll have to chase down a copy. Gary Oldman and Tim Roth at their finest.

  38. Gary Lashmar says:

    re: feb 4th.

    i forgot about you guys. Old Cameron’s at it now as well. Dangerous to who? you ask. That is the problem with words, language. You can always catch me out. That’s my point. If you want an answer try this on for size. dangerous to whomever wants to wake up.

    You’ll now say: Whom wants to wake up?
    an i say me.
    and you say “who is me?”
    and i say ME! ME! ME! ME! This me in the dream that is continually searching. and the reason i’m still here being dreamt is because stupid blooming statements are being made keeping me alive. THAT IS WHAT IS BLOODY WELL DANGEROUS old son.

    And … there is no answer. It’s all dripping.

  39. Cameron says:

    The problem isn’t with words, Gary. I’m not pulling some shifty advaita trick. “Dangerous” isn’t just a word Gary. It’s an idea. An idea pertaining to someone who can be hurt. And if you agree, as I know you do, that this someone is an illusion, can ANYTHING be dangerous to the illusion? Can one illusion hurt another illusion Gary? Isn’t is all just the wonderful dance of light and sound?

    Go beyond the words. Examine the idea of “me”. Does it hold up under investigation? Where is it? What is it? What is doing the dreaming?

    Now… pass the food, I’m hungry.

  40. Gary Lashmar says:

    Cameron. (Sorry delay in replying mate)

    yes. Ultimately i agree.

    You said: Go beyond the words. Examine the idea of Ò€œmeÒ€.

    i do. (That happens :-)) And yes … in that place it’s always an utter shock to me that the little personality can appear to be so real. i agree.

    And then there is kind of nothing else to say about it.

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK old son. I’ll keep listening in. rock n roll buddy! i’m off for a beer of 10.

  41. laspark says:

    Thanks much for the podccast. Keeep it coming!.

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