The Advaita Show #005

The Advaita Show #004
September 13, 2005
The Advaita Show #006
September 27, 2005
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The Advaita Show #005

The Advaita Show #005 (MP3 – 17MB – 48min)


Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments here and sending email, gifts, cash, cars, etc. All are gratefully appreciated and passed on to Bob, except of course the good stuff, which I keep for my Self (note the capital ‘S’). Bob’s old, he wouldn’t appreciate them anyway.

So, onto this week’s show.


> how Cameron broke Bob’s toilet
> why humans create religions
> why Cameron can’t say the word יהוה (that’s “Tetragrammaton” for those of you who don’t speak Hebrew
> why Nisargadatta had a red dot
> why Bob has a tapestry of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam on his wall, and various other statues and stuff
> why guru’s have that beatific smile (hint: they’re old and possibly senile)
> how Cameron achieved prescience
> what books Bob recommends
> what Bob’s daily experience of nothingness is

You’ll also, of course, hear the usual droning on about non-duality, intelligence energy, mental constructs, the One, the Void, emptiness, there is no spoon, blah blah blah, (insert advaita buzzwords of choice here).


(… or don’t enjoy, you’ve got no volition anyway, so… deal with it)


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  2. Míša says:

    Hi, was the last one {} the last one (partially) translated? Check out this one {} and see for Your>S

  3. Míša says:

    elf, that i do not want to translate it anymore. But i love you, hihi

  4. Sham says:

    Hi Bob and Cameron,

    I have a question. I’ve been to a few talks on this Advaita and have accepted and live this fact that there is no such thing as choice or an individual doer. I do have a desire to teach this to others and feel quite sorry for all these people that are just searching, searching, searching. What do you think about this? Do you have any advice/things I need to be careful about when I try to teach this to others. There is sometimes the feeling that Bob or Tony Parsons have a deeper realisation of ‘not being an individual’ then I seem to have – should we leave this teaching up to these guys, or shall I join the bandwagon!

    Take care, and keep up the good work – I really love the show!


  5. Steve Palmer says:

    Hi from Bournville(near choccie factory) UK. Love the Bob and Cameron Show.#4 had me laughing out loud daddyo!!A question for Bob: There is a Douglas Harding book with the title “To be and not to be, that is the answer”This seem to be the answer to the conudrum of form and emptiness, of bodymind/awareness. Any comment guys.
    Yours resonating in Old Blighty.

  6. Basavaraj says:

    Hello Cameron,

    Thanks for the show,Now i can able to here bobs voice clearly compare to last shows
    you are very lucky to be in the company of Bob, as some one rightly said Bob is the INTERNATIONAL TREASURE
    keep it up


  7. Carol Long says:

    re: inability to find podcast list and links to all of them: no worries. I found the search function on one of the blog pages, so that’s solved. A lot of the podcasts aren’t available–I get a “page not available” when I try them. It might be my computer. Still enjoying listening to them. They’re a godsend when I’m doing my qi gong, which I know I’m supposed to do while thinking about nothing but I can’t. Think about nothing. I can think about thinking about nothing but that’s the extent of it.

    Frequently Bob loses me, for example when he talks about breaking down the body into subatomic particles. When I stop and think about it, I think he’s saying that, well, no, he’s probably not saying that the sum of the parts is not equal to a whole. The fact that a whole supposedly has parts in our dual-type thinking, what does that have to do with Non-duality? Or the price of the war in Iraq on a daily basis ($200 million, did you say?)

    I digress. Some of Bob’s hints may have become compressed over the years, as he loses patience with slow learners. Perhaps you could stretch them out so they fit like an old, comfy girdle with latex that no longer slims but accommodates our curves and at the same time holds our stockings up. Dating myself.

    It’s late, or rather early. Wish I didn’t think of myself as a self. Maybe I’ll drive myself crazy as you did wondering what or who I am, but I don’t think I will. I have enough aches and pains without that one. I prefer to just “take a look” at how I feel when I put to myself that question, or the question “how does being feel right now, minus the bodily feelings?” Etcetera etcetera etcetera.

    regards, Carol Long

  8. Bert VanDercar says:

    The mention of communism as an expression of duality brought into focus a reason for my onetime attachment to philosophical materialism.

    I remember being brought to momentary silence many years ago when thinking that if matter is all there really is then thought is an empty derivative; that thought is always on the edge of collapsing back into its source, like satellites circling earth whose resistance to gravity is doomed by their lack of sufficient force. In marxism there’s also a lot of talk about the group being prior to the individual, about “organic unity” and about the lack of a “subject” independent from social conditioning.

    I sometimes wonder if communism has been powered by a perverse understanding of non-duality and that this is a source of it’s near religious appeal.

    Anyway, every podcast I hear unearths something valuable. Thanks!

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