The Advaita Show #39 – Fully Cooked

Come hang out with me in Second Life
August 28, 2007
The Advaita Show #40 – The Xin Xin Ming
September 13, 2007
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The Advaita Show #39 – Fully Cooked

Steve and Cam are back with more advaita hilarity and wisdom! Only kiddin. We talk a little about Mother Theresa’s doubts, your comments, Second Life, suggestions for the future of the show, and then ramble on about the usual stuff.

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  1. […] While recording a new episode of the Advaita Show podcast today, my co-host Steve mentioned the recent book that has been published with Mother Teresa’s letters to her spiritual mentors which point out what a big bloody faker she was. […]

  2. Corey Vance says:

    Great show guys!

    This Mother Teresa stuff reminds me of the book ‘Collision with the Infinite’ a bit. The author suddenly loses her conceptual ‘I’ and consequently lives in debilitating fear of this for years. Until someone finally is able to explain nonduality to her. Teresa could have used some insight from those with understanding outside of her spiritual circle.

  3. Mark says:

    So happy for the new show. Thanks!

    Too bad you’re not willing or able to do a weekly podcast! Elliot would do a fine job……But Cam, it wouldn’t be the same without you man! Steve, you could do a damn good show all by yerself!

    The Mother Teresa discussion, how it related to Advaita, was perfect and interesting material. Steve, your handy quotes from UG and Watts always illustrate perfectly. Nice job. Please keep it going….it’s fun…and it helps!

    How about some more Bob Smack? A little reunion would be fun. It’s not about need for me… It’s about fun and friendship and learning. I admit, since discovering Advaita I haven’t picked up a spiritual-book…it’s been a couple years now.

  4. DansHand says:

    I totally agree with Mark here. Elliot and/or Steve could pull it off certainly. I to have enjoyed the humor and candidness that Cameron brings. The Gday show is just so dialed in for Austrailians that I can’t relate… I barely know where it is on the map! kiddin Cam… I definitely would love to check out Australia of course~ Get the psychic/ghost thing goin Cam if that’s your interest! I’d listen to that too… though the Advaita thing is really my thing presently!

    There is so much good interesting Advaita books and quotes out there… it’s exciting! I look forward to either Elliot and/or Steve to come to the plate…

    Thanks again!

  5. marcelo says:

    Hey guys – after listening to this last show. I realised I never want to here advaita talk ever again.


    Thats not to say It won’t come up when someone asks about it.

    Can I host another show?

  6. Cameron says:

    Actually marcelo, I think not wanting to talk about advaita should be a necessary condition for anyone wanting to host THIS podcast! So you’re the only qualified candidate so far!

  7. David says:

    Great stuff, as usual guys.

    Cameron, I have a vision -2 new podcasts- 1 with Elliot on advaita, with Bob ,if possible. The other with Steve doing a mixed basket show about/from the nondual perspective. And your good self slotting in to both when you are able.

  8. Jason says:

    Great show Cameron & Steve.
    A suggestion for the way to keep this thing rolling: forget the advaita stuff and just focus once a month on the thoughts & lives of some truly inspirational people. Sample programme:

    Bootsy Collins
    Carlos Santana
    ‘Diamond’ Dave Lee Roth
    George Clinton
    …you get the idea

  9. marcelo says:

    Hey cam… Y’know, I totally understand Osho now.

    Can I do the show live from an Advaita orgy?

    We’ve already got the theme music in place.

  10. David says:


    yea baby!
    is that ?…”not 2 but 1″

  11. Marcelo says:

    If every seeker and finder in Sydney stops naval gazing and goes to protest against Bush, I will personally have sex with each and every one of you- advaita style!

    Stop talking, and start walking! – he he

  12. Mar7k says:

    Guys, that was great, what ever it was or wasn’t. Re Mother Teresa, Imagine acheiving realisation without realising it. That should be real realisation, or should I say real non-realisation.

    Not this, not that, not anything. Dum de dum dum dum.

  13. Steven Witt says:

    To right, Mar7k, that show, any show, any yak of any kind anywhere anytime is all for/and not…

    but as Werner Herzog said–shame you cannot here me as i do his accent perfectly — “yah, if we do not articultae ourselves, then we are just cows in the field.”

    to which the ONLY possible reply is

    “moooooooooooooooooooooo….chew, chew…..”

  14. Steven Witt says:

    “articultae” is articulate, which is pronounced “r-tig-u-lade” in Werner-speeg

  15. Steven Witt says:

    yah…das righde

  16. Mar7k says:

    Guess you had to be there, right?

  17. Pablo says:

    Great Show guys!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cam, I am in Second Life and I found open talks of Osho, and even an Osho library, will there be a TPN island with GDay stuff and ADVAITA? come on you know you want it.

  18. Cameron says:

    yeah pablo that’s the plan.

  19. ??????????????? says:

    Is it possible that someone that acted something so convincingly ,be a big bloody faker ?
    Mother Teresa I mean, not any body else:)

  20. ??????????????? says:

    Mother Teresa had free will of course. Right Cameron?

  21. I put in some time with two Catholic nuns in the back-country of Honduras. My respect for these folks took a 180. Perhaps they didn’t buy the whole Catholic party line and sure they had personal failings, but they (both U.S. Citizens..caucasion..English as a first language..) had lived with and at the same level as the people in their village for the last twenty years. The village managed water for one hour per day. That hour was unknown and could occur at 2:20 AM. Dust was everywhere and the breast feeding mothers didn’t.. They were starving and couldn’t produce the milk for their babies. The police stood on the dirt highway trying to head-off drug carrying trucks, but trucks just kept going. The police didn’t have cars. These nuns spent every day caring for the sick. They tried to mediate when families came to blows…or rather shooting. They may have been flawed individuals by any measure, but they were heroes to the people of that area. They were what I would call working saints. Working saints swear occasionally…ehhh? Judge Mother Theresa by her accomplishments… that is.. if you must judge.

  22. marcelo says:

    I understand what you mean Gary, but try to remember that it was Catholicism that put them in that dire state to begin with.

    Lets destroy a continent with our childish beliefs over many years, then come to their rescue once their all screwed because of those beliefs (and they’ll be welcomed as heroes-says the text).

    So… it was the least those sexually repressed hot horny mamas could’ve done.

    But lets not have a religious argument here… that’s what G’day world is for.

  23. ????????????? says:

    Childish beleive , innocent ,pure , let’s not have any of that.

  24. ??????????????? says:

    I just listen to your show and I thought whats the point of existence. WE don’nt exist, thought is bullshit, nothing is real. The Niz said that he was pissed off to come into existance in this world’ who the hell did he mean by he? Imagine life without thought,blank,blank,blank, you can’t ! What do we want with our life,meaning! Can you have meaning without thought???? This whole Advaita thing is just as full of bullshit as any thing conceptual. My point is life has no meaning without thought and this no free will
    person is just cattle for the slaughter!!!! Some cattle have it better than others!! Didn’t the Buddha say life sucks or something like that:) Yea for none existance!

  25. marcelo says:

    Hello Mr ‘I haven’t got the balls to use my real name’

    There is a big difference between being childish and being childlike.

    As for your last comment – concepts concepts concepts!

    Try being being more childlike and less childish and you’ll get there.

  26. Okie Mike says:

    ????? – sounds like you are frustrated enough that you might be there. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” Don’t confuse Advaita-speak with Advaita.

    Welcome home – you never left!!

    I also agree with Marcelo – if you are truly seeking use at least your first name so we know whether to refer to you as “bro” or “grrrrl.”


  27. ok my name is dan' gee wiz that took balls says:

    Isn’t the point we want to be childish? No concepts! Have any of you people really thought about it ,oh fuck it ——live you’re own fantasy, I’ll live mine, godday,sheep.

  28. ok my name is dan' gee wiz that took balls says:

    Actually my name is daniel papstein, my greatgrand parents where victims of the
    holocaust and I’m so sure that advaita would have made their stay so much more fun!

  29. Okie Mike says:


    I cant pretend to understand man’s inhumanity against man. My dad helped to liberate Bergen-Belsen and will not talk about it to anyone. If there ever was a devil his name is man.

    There are fringe things like the holocaust that nothing can rectify on the cosmic spreadsheet (which doesn’t exist). “Sailor” Bob, Cam, Steve, The Nis, Buddha, Jesus, Moses or Spongebob wont change the fact that there are some mean MF’ing people in the world. Dogma says that the fourth person, Cain, was one of them and millions of these assholes roam the earth today. In the US most of them are currently in the Washington DC area.

    It is a goddamn sad and maddening story, but it is just that. A story. We came from dust and that is where we will end up – that is the only certainty of life. We can live in a story of 65 years ago or 3 milliseconds ago which debilitates us or we can live in the Now. It is our choice.

    Welcome home Dan.


  30. Okie Mike says:

    PS- Just a little dogma from on of my favorite gurus, Yoda: “Already know you that which you need”

  31. marcelo says:

    Here you go Dan, just to make my earlier reference to the term ‘childish’ clearer – this is from – Since you didn’t read my comment.

    “—Synonyms Childish, infantile, childlike refer to characteristics or qualities of childhood. The ending -ish often has unfavorable connotations; childish therefore refers to characteristics that are undesirable and unpleasant: childish selfishness, outbursts of temper. Infantile, originally a general word, now often carries an even stronger idea of disapproval or scorn than does childish: infantile reasoning, behavior. The ending -like has pleasing or neutral connotations; childlike therefore refers to the characteristics that are desirable and admirable: childlike innocence, trust.”

    Oh, by the way… nice to finally meet you daniel.

  32. Okie Mike says:

    Daniel- You might find this interesting. This is from Charlie Hayes (one of Bob’s students) dialoging with a person who is having trouble with suffering:

    For me, a two way conversation on this stuff is very helpful.

  33. daniel says:

    Peace be with you Mike and Marcelo. I’ve been fooled too many times to let things go by , maybe I’m just too clinical . I see that we could be just awareness,but I also see that we could be just an outcome of senteince. The bottom line is that seeing your awareness really does’n’t do you any good. Awareness without the appearance is what ? Nothing ,can that be comprehended? Chicken or the Egg? Bye the way I thank you for your comments. If you need to kick someone in the balls ,nuff said!

  34. marcelo says:

    The point your trying to make here Dan, is just a point, an opinion.

    “I see that we could be just awareness?”
    We couldn’t be awareness. You are awareness, there is no effort needed. What your looking for is something not found, but always there. You can throw up concepts all day, and all you’ll be left with are more concepts.

    ‘What’s wrong with right now unless you think about it?’ is a command, disguised as a question.

    Pay attention to the question, and all concepts will drop off.

    And getting kicked in the balls is part of it.

  35. Max says:

    Daniel’s got his bullshit detector on alright. Well wouldn’t you have to say that it is all bullshit? Why not? What is there of anything that is something? So bullshit is all it is. My grandparents were in the holocaust and it’s surely something terrible, but it’s not advaita’s fault. There might be illuminati or evil alien plots to cause havoc, but that’s nothing to do with advaita. Non duality doesn’t mean people are just meditating zombies, it’s more about actually engaging with life – if you want. There are enough people who believe in dualism and don’t want to engage in life.

  36. Daneil says:

    I don’t know if anybody has seen this but the advaita comments seem to be fading ,I mean text wise!!!

  37. Daniel says:

    Max the comment I made about advaita and the holocaust was in referance to something Bob had said,which was” no worries mate!”

  38. Cameron says:

    Fading how?

  39. daniel says:

    It was either my eyes or the monitor, seems to be ok now.

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