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September 27, 2005
We’re back baby…
October 7, 2005
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Don't Panic

Hi TPN listeners and fans,

Between the 29th of September and the 3rd of October, The Podcast Network web site will be undergoing some major server work that will increase (fingers crossed) both the speed and the reliability of the service you have come to love and cherish 😉

Access to the web site and the functionality of the RSS feed will at best experience a small blip of down time… and at worst… could vanish into the bermuda triangle that is tech land for upto four days. I have also had to switch of the ability to post comments on all the sites till we are fully operational as well.

Stick with us through this little hick-up and I promise we will return to normal transmission as quick as possible.

Thanks guys and gals…

Mick Stanic
Co-Founder of The Podcast Network

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  1. Luly says:

    hi Bob, hi Cameron,
    i have some questions.

    1st question;
    what is this sense of a particular viewpoint? although it’s clear that there is no such person as ‘Luly’, or anything distinct or concrete here, there is definitely a perspective, a point of view, if you will. granted, this assumes there’s a point of view elsewhere, too. this viewpoint tends to lend credence to being an individual. so what up? don’t you both have this sense of a viewpoint at all?

    2nd question;
    if there is no free will, and that seems clear as well, then isn’t it all just happenstance? and ‘waking up’ is like winning a lottery that one hasn’t even bought a ticket for.

    3rd and lastly;
    what can one do about those moments of identification when we seem to forget the reality?
    i know, i know, Bob, there’s noone there to do anything (or forget reality! ha! lol).
    but still, there’s a recognition that something, call it ‘identity’, slips in! and then, of course, when the identifying is over, it’s over. finito.
    yet!!! there are those moments when identity appears and then everything becomes quite personal. and sometimes, simultaneously, there is awareness that identifying is taking place, almost as ‘tho there were two events happening at the same time. it is perplexing to say the least. when it is re-cognized, it either feels comical or it is frustrating. (i suspect the frustration is still some identifying going on. )

    i am so glad to have discovered your podcast show.
    thanks & ttfn!
    (in northern california)

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