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May 28, 2008
The Advaita Show #47 – ABC'ing Just Being
August 19, 2008
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Cam in France

Hey folks, I’m heading to France today for a couple of weeks. I’ve got a free day in Paris on the 13th, just in case any of you are going to be in that part of the world and you want to catch up for a drink. If you want to arrange something, shoot me an email.


  1. Angelique et Catherine says:


    Nous sommes two french beautifull twins who wants two meets you in ze hot tub.
    Nous aimons beaucoup le minnette ! So if you’re interested we give you very warm welcome.
    A bientot
    Angelique et Catherine

  2. Mark says:

    Cam, until you return, I thought our fellow Advaitan groupies might wanna know I started a freakin’ James Brown dance party at my blog:

    JB has some seriously funky (non-dual) dance moves to teach us. Enjoy!

  3. daniel says:

    Hey Angelique if Cameron sezs suck my balls , would you say present them:)

  4. mark says:

    Pope Benedict XVI flies into Australia today the 13th july for the longest trip yet of his three-year papacy…The Pope will preside over World Youth Day, a six-day festival of peace, love and Christianity, … which is expected to attract up to half a million people….

    Is this coincidence?
    Why is Cameron avoiding the Pope?

  5. Mark says:

    Hey, how ’bout another round of Cam & Steve!

  6. kris says:

    Yeah, ditto Mark! We’re all jonesing for some new cam-steve banter. And wasn’t cam or steve writing a book on Adviata?? is it out yet?

  7. vira says:

    Kris, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on a book. He’s just a wannabe Cam or SB!

  8. kris says:

    Wannabe or not, I just finished reading You Were Never Born for the fourth time–I need some new material! Can anyone recommend something out of the “mainstream” (ie, not Wheeler or Parsons or SB) that might get me thru the rest of the summer?

  9. Cameron Reilly says:

    kris, have your read the avadhuda gita or the ashtavakra gita?

  10. vira says:

    Kris, stop what you are doing right now and buy I Am That: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta. It will probably be the best $30 you will spend all year! While I appreciate Cam’s and, sometimes, Steve’s, light touch, if you really want to get serious about understanding what isn’t this book can take you there!

  11. Steven Witt says:

    Caaammmroooon…welcome back ol’ buddy.

    Vira, not so much.

    Vira, you kill me, light touch, heavy touch, you are “advanced,” others, imply you, not as much.

    Yet the same I am, I am is the EXACTLY the same I am for you — and for all.

    So which words or presence “works” can only be consciousness awork on or pointing to consciousness itself…and it’s all good.

    I grant you that the NIZ is the man, but often overwhelms first second and third time readers. Like Wei Wu Wei.

    So that is why I aimed for the most basic presentation of what is so simple once seen and seemingly so difficult before that intemporal moment, oxymoron though that is. As Strunk and White proved so long ago, the “light touch” or brevity is true beauty.

    It is after all, harder to write a short letter than a long one.

    Thanks for everyone’s patience…we are on second, and hopefully last, round of proofs of our new book. Ask Cam what a ride the primitive self-publishing digital world is!

    But, with a titch of good grace, we will be up and for sale in two weeks. Maybe Cam and I can do a show with the debut of:


    Am happy to report that early readers have given it high marks.

    One example:

    “I took a spin through your book. I enjoyed the creative, playful format.The pictures provided by your kids are great. Your pointers reveal the truth of who we are in way that is delightful, humorous, and simple tograsp. You have done a good job of showing that knowing who we are is assimple as knowing your ABCs!”

    John Wheeler

    much love to all, esp. Vira

  12. Steven Witt says:

    Funny how consciousness works…so indulge me.

    When I finished the entry above, was cleaning the kitchen when two things came up, and they are beautifully connected.

    First, Douglas Harding barking out as only he could:


    Those words first came from Meister Eckhart, the Christian NIZ, some 700 hundred years ago.

    As did these:

    “The NOW in which God created the first man and the now in which the last man will disappear and the Now in which i am speaking–are all the same in God, and there is only one Now.”

    Put them all together — I am, God, Now, consciousness — all the same for all “to find” — until you see that you are already That Just Being.

    Not at all hard to find the power of NOW.


  13. MadMama!! says:

    I’m really looking forward to getting your book!!! I just found the podcast and I have enjoyed hearing you and Cameron guys crack me up!!!
    I’m also new to non-duality. Sometimes I feel such peace when I read about it and sometimes I feel really pissed off when I read and end up throwing the book across the room. I will try not to throw ABC’ING JUST BEING out of respect for you! he he he! The relief comes from thinking there is no “me” that was responsible for being STUPID enough to fall for the fundamental christian religious crap I was into for so many years and the anger comes from me being STUPID enough to be in religion to begin with.. How’s that for DUALITY!!! Anyway here’s hoping I get your book into to my hands soon!!

  14. Mike in SF says:

    I too am looking forward to your book Steve.

    Kris, ‘You were never born’ is one of my all time favorite “spiritual” books. I posted a good review of it on amazon. You might be interested in the book I’m reading right now. It’s called “Consciousness is all, now life is completely new” by Peter Francis Dziuban.

    It’s quite repetitive and it’s written from a very absolute perspective which might turn some people off, but there are lots of direct pointers and reminders in there.

  15. Corey Vance says:

    I have to second Cam’s recommendation to read the Ashtavakra Gita…Amazing.

    Of course, you can’t not read I Am That, it’s the Niz!

    Enjoi All


  16. MadMama!! says:

    Is there ever going to be a point when I stop reading about this and just live??? I just ordered the book Mike mentioned from Amazon!!! Couldn’t help myself!! Is ASHTAVAKRA GITA for beginners? I have I AM THAT but honestly it’s above my head. Oh!! that’s right Harding said, I have NO HEAD! I would rather have no BUTT!!!! he he

  17. Mark says:

    Hey Mad Mama,
    When I discovered the Advaita show, it marked the end of all my “seeking” and reading, searching for “The solution”. I’ve been just living life, because life is NOW. There’s no hoping to find enlightenment someday. There’s no freedom from pain someday. Live now, because that’s all there is.

    I notice since discovering Advaita (3 years ago) I haven’t really bought any psychology or self-help books. Only books that expand my knowledge, like financial books, etc.

    Of course, all my prior self-help reading probably led me to Advaita, so it had a purpose.

    So once more to Cam, Bob, Steve (and Elliot), thanks and keep the hilarity coming!

  18. daniel says:

    I’ve noticed if one is having trouble with advaita it does aworld of good just to lay off for awhile. I’ve gotten the book “Consciousness is all”, that mike has gotten and find it to be a real eye openner for someone who has read all the classic that cam and steven have recommended. If you can just relax and make no assumptions as the ego does. For me I’ve found that I operate according to the physical and emotional edicts that we’re all up brought up with. Stiffel as Archie would say.
    Because there’s “no you” to have a hard time with. This is just consciousness trying to figure out what it’s doing and not knowing or caring:) The screen is not the content.

  19. daniel says:

    Cameron I posted something on the napoleon thing and I think it went to fucking brazil. Do you have a limit to the places you can post to after a certain time?
    i said something about attack egypt and how you can’t help what you do and me neither and thanks for the history lesson and keep stimulating me and oh fuck my my brains shot how the fuck do you do this shit day after day and don’t stop because insainty is a good thing and I like to hear how the abomb was a good thing for the u.s. to do in japan because
    they would have attack America and ate our brains because that what makes conqeuors strong or is it hearts?

  20. Cameron Reilly says:

    Daniel, yeah I saw your post over there about comments going missing. Can’t explain that! No limit on comments or anything. Really sorry dude.

  21. kris says:

    Thanks everyone for all the book recommendations! I just ordered “I Am That” and have a spot on my shelf cleared off for the adviata ABCs–can’t wait!

    btw, i know this isn’t really a political chat board, but does anyone have an opinion on which candidate is more (or less) advaita-friendly, so to speak? maybe cam and steve could weigh in on that next time?

  22. MadMama!! says:

    Thanks guys, Mark & Daniel… your words are very encouraging! Kris,I think I heard Steve say he LOVES the Clintons!!! !!!! Just kidding!!

  23. MadMama!! says:


    I heard you talk about Dr Susan Blackmore on your last podcast. I found that interview on G’Day and it is excellent!! If anyone hasn’t heard that discussion I encourage you to listen right away. I have listen to it 3 times so far. I’m also reading Einstein, His Life And Universe. Could you suggest any other books to read concerning this whole free will thing and what science says about it?

  24. Cameron Reilly says:

    Hey MadMama, glad you enjoyed that one! I can’t really recommend any scientific books on the subject, however only today I listened to a recent episode of the Radio Lab podcast which featured physicist Brian Greene. At one point he made the statement that “free will isn’t supported by the laws of physics” but it’s only a couple of minutes in an hour long podcast on multi-universe theory. I’m going to approach him about coming on g’day world to flesh out his thoughts on free will though. 🙂

  25. vira says:

    MadMama, if you want a taste of Advaita “light” check out Tony Parsons and Stephen Williamson in “What is Non Duality?” Does anyone here agree with me that sometimes the simple explanation of something ends up being far more complex than the thing itself?

    kris, you can see the inability to accept the “gestalt” of the world in Mccain’s face. I don’t believe Obama has a clue about Advaita either. In this case, my November vote will not be for the candidate that best understands non duality but, rather, for the candidate that is least non non-dualistic in nature.

    Cameron, I hope you are having a great time in France. Halfway up the stairs up the Eiffel Tower just stop for five minutes, close your eyes, feel the wind blowing, spread your arms and just feel how everything that once seemed distinct is everything and nothing.

    Mark, I agree. If only I could truly live a non-dual life free from the shackles I am unable to escape from. Until then learning finance might be a better option than food services to fund my dinkie dow research.

    daniel, do you really find “Conciousness is All” adds very much–didn’t you find that the book was a bit redundant. If you meditate on the title you actually can get the gist.

    Steven, whatever.

  26. Steven Witt says:

    “Where are the many points [of consciousness]? In your mind. You insist that your world is independent of your mind. How can it be? Your desire to know other people’s minds is due to your not knowing your own mind. First know your own mind and you will find that the question of other minds does not arise at all, for there are no other people. You are the common factor, the only link between the minds. Being is consciousness. “I am” applies to all.”

    NIZ, whatever.

  27. MadMama!! says:

    Thanks for the youtube link. I’m not sure what you mean by “light touch” but if the video I watched is light touch then that’s where I’m at because it made alot of sense to me. I did get the book suggested (Consciousness is all) and I’m really finding it very helpful in understand………. I guess I need redundancy!! I’m sure I know less than anyone here on this blog so any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Just wondering if you and Steven were married to each other at one time??? Ha! That’s just my “light touch” at humor!!
    Thanks again Vira!

  28. kris says:

    Vira, do you really believe you can see all that in McCain’s face?? In thinking about it more, i realized that my own question about candidates was a bit naive–if, as Steve says (or the Niz), “I am” applies to all, then I guess it doesn’t matter who wins. Right?

    Thanks for the link Vira–I agree with MadMama that it was helpful!! And I agree, Vira and Steve seem to have a love-hate relationship! 🙂 That brings up another question I have, though. A friend of mine, who is married, is getting more and more into the non-duality philosophy, doing a lot of reading (and listening to all these podcasts!) and her husband seems to find the whole thing basically annoying. It seems to be putting a real strain on their relationsihp and I wondered if anyone here has had a similar experience? She, like me, wants to talk about so many of these ideas that are new to her and her husband just thinks it’s stupid and responds basically with sarcasm.

    Any input is appreciated!


  29. Steven Witt says:

    No love/hate whatsoever…all love.

    That’s the entire point: this is all doing “you” and it is all perfect exactly as it is. That is all…end-o-story.

    Thus, Kris, your friend whose husband is annoyed…perfect: she cannot do otherwise, as consciousness wants to know itself via “her” and her husband is expressing as he does.

    Be ever clear: what we all are is IMPERSONAL being — it doesn’t care about outcomes. Only things that were born can do that.

    And, as John Wheeler’s latest makes plain, “You Were Never Born.”


  30. MadMama!! says:

    My husband and I attented bible college and graduated to becomes ministers of the gospel. So when i lost interest in that realizing how far off the mark that crap was, it went over like a lead balloon with my hubby…..but he’s a really great guy and just kinda shakes his head and thinks I will come to my senses! ha! I don’t say alot about non-duality to him. I even thought it was the BIG BAD DEVIL for awhile …luring me away into sin.. OMG!!!!That sounds so stupid now! Anyway, Steve’s advice is great I’m beginning to see.. it’s all perfect! Wow what a relief!

  31. Cameron Reilly says:

    To anyone who isn’t a seeker, advaita philosophy is about the most annoying thing on the planet! … apart from Mariah Carey and Celine Dion of course. Their crown is safe for a long time yet.

    Hey Steve, let’s do a show!

  32. daniel says:

    Vira , redundant, you bet , Bob redundant you bet’ wheeler redundant you bet, the perspective makes my head swim, but you know he” Peter Francis Dziuban”
    sez things in away that changed my perspective. If you,ve read 25 to 30 books on this like I have thats good. Sometimes you need to keep getting wacked:) After reading this I’m very comfortable about mowing my lawn for what it is, it just is!! The mind is the only one telling us it should be this way or that and where does the mind arise, in life or what ever you want to call it. To me the Niz is much more confuzing than this guy and I love the Niz. Peace Vira, we’re all the one . Mariah Carey and Celine Dion , God there is intelligent life on this planet, don”t forget phil collins:)

  33. MadMama!! says:

    Cameron….Yes, Yes, Yes! A show would be great!!!!!!

  34. MadMama!! says:

    I’m reading “Conciousness is all” and I’m finding it is answering many of the questions I had and making it very clear. From all the comments I read about the book many people feel the same way! Thanks so very much for suggesting it.

    Glad to hear there is NO rank in the ONE!!! Cause I would be at the bottom! HA!

  35. Corey Vance says:

    MadMama, great stuff!

  36. Mark says:

    I think Obama is the “most Advaitan” candidate.

    As a liberal, he’s more open-minded. More inclusive. More peace-oriented. He strikes me as a wise man, a deep thinker, centered. He seems to have a sense of ‘the whole’ and seems to have the planet’s best interest in mind.

    Put it this way: If we had to send one human being – one leader – to join the Galactic Senate, I would be very proud if Obama represented Planet Earth.

    Hey Cam & Steve: More cowbell!

  37. marcelo says:

    Don’t you mean Americas best interest?

    Obama recently said that we need to focus on Afghanistan/Pakistan instead of Iraq.

    What do you think that means?

    Hugs and flowers for the Afghanis?

    Probably not the place for politics eh?

  38. Mark says:

    Yeah, I certainly don’t claim to know much about politics.

    But of course Obama will have America’s best interest in mind. That would be his job as, you know, President of the United States.

    He just strikes me as a wise, thoughtful person. Certainly moreso than Bush.

  39. Cameron Reilly says:

    Obama is a puppet, just like the rest. You don’t get to be the front man for any of the major parties without being a puppet. Beware the charismatic snake oil salesman.

  40. daniel says:

    McCains pick for vice? How can we think anybody in the U.S. polictical arena has a clue. Cameron I take every thing back I may have said about Napolean.If the politians in the U.S. had half his brains, this country would be so much better. We’re lucky we had intelligent ancestors.

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