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March 16, 2009
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Best Email Ever

I got this email from a listener today that I just had to share. Cracked me up!

“I had been trying to grasp “I am that” for years. After I discovered your revolutionary learn advaita at home in only 45 hours course and studied the suggested textbooks, I have lost the “me” in only 2 years. No trip to india. No being raped by a guru or wearing funny clothes or chanting.”

In other news, I got a phone call from His Bobness this morning. He sounds fit and healthy but said he’s getting old and feeling it at the gym. Always great to hear his voice. I didn’t even mind that he woke me up. 🙂


  1. marcus says:

    When I hear Bob talking on the latest podcast of the UGC ‘Melbourne Meeting #3’ I hear nothing what could be pointing to ‘old’ on the contrary what I hear is very much to the point and a clear expression of the everpresent intelligence-energy served with a sparkling freshness !

    ‘If our outer man is perishing, our inner man is renewed day by day.'” (The Secret Sayings of Jesus, p. 155)

  2. Goofy says:

    Ok, as we know, the best email-guy can’t have lost the me, only the belief in it. But I guess that’s probably what happened. As Balsekar, perhaps my favourite sage, says, it’s really about the deepest possible conviction that you’re not the doer. I seem to have been *witnessing* myself “do” things as bit more lately, but too often I see my me playing old silly games…

    Why I’m posting is mainly to share this crazy link I stumbled upon. It’s two mathematicians getting high on proving, after years and years of work, that

    “[…] if a human experimenter can make decisions independently of past events, then the particle can also make a free choice.”

    This sounds just as crazy as the guy in the front of the picture there looks, if you ask me.

    Since you’re interested in science, perhaps you’ll like to read this, Cameron. Here’s the link:

    By the way, I thought I was gonna trust you with my email address again, and got an error message that I should enter a “valid” email address. If you can read this, an invalid one has worked.

  3. Cameron says:

    Goofy, yeah I saw that story about Conway and particles having free will. I’m going to try to get an interview with him to discuss his theory. The article says “if humans have free will, then particles have it as well” but, as we all know, humans DON’T have free will, which kind of scuppers their theory. Conway’s a smart dude though. His “Game Of Life” experiment with automata was hugely influential.

    Sorry about the problems with the email address. No idea what that was about.

  4. Goofy says:

    Forget about the email address. I have to say I hadn’t heard of the guy before, or I don’t remember. Well, let’s hope you are successful getting Conway to give you an interview, should really be interesting.

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