The Advaita Show #021 – Bleep You!

The Advaita Show #020 – Disaster Strikes!
January 24, 2006
Advaita Vidcast #001
February 2, 2006
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The Advaita Show #021 – Bleep You!

The Advaita Show #021 (MP3 – 13.8MB – 39min)


We’ve got two working mics and video! WooHoo!

The video will follow in the next few days when I get a chance to play with it. In the meantime, here’s some audio for ya. Guests this week are Amey and Eliot.

No real theme emerged today, just had a lot of good fun and lots of laughs.


  1. Helen says:

    Hi, great show guys. I posted a question last week but somehow it did not appear on the website. It is – Ramana Maharshi and others refer often to the final state as being the Self, whereas Sailor Bob, buddhists and others emphasize that there is no self. Bob, please comment. Thanks, Helen

  2. Richard says:

    Bob, How you are able to summerize the whole ‘teaching’ in a few sentences, is amazing and extremely helpful.

    Cameron, I enjoy humor but seldom laughed at it until I heard you on the show. Pursue the ‘Mr. Advaita Comics’ enterprise.

    Although questions are the backbone of the show, there are none at this time. Just wanted to say, keep on keeping on.

  3. neal says:

    Hi Bob and Cameron,

    Enjoyed the new show, and appreciated the clock bit (remember I’m chairman of campaign to keep the clock, Self appointed), most appropriate coming in the middle of my question. hehe

    Thanks for answering my questions Bob, your teachings are very clear. I understand that I will never understand the Mystery of Manifestation. I do understand the One *IS* everything, the Totality, logically I understand this, but this is little i understanding. I am That whether I know it or not, well I’m still in the ‘or not’ prison. The little i is still in the way, still believed because investigation shows this. This is what I get stuck with in following the I Am-ness as Bob suggests.

    What to do? What did you do Cameron, you said you had massive frustration just before you popped?

    Less seriously, Eskimo’s have I believe 27 different words for snow, I only have one, does that mean I’m more enlightened than Eskimos?


  4. Cameron says:

    Neal – I feel like Quasimodo… “the clock… the clock….”
    What did I do? I did exactly what his Bobness told me to do. I spent a year trying to answer the question “What am I?” That’s all. It’s as simple as vegemite on toast mate.

  5. neal says:

    Hi again,

    I forgot to mention something in the earlier post. Bob was talking about dealing with pain. I’ve had arthritis for about 20 odd years and had really excruciating pain on occasions. Years ago I would take pain killers but not now, my kidneys would object, and I use Urine Therapy. Anyway, a few years back I was investigating perception and discovered I could sometimes perceive pain as a vibration, which I found requires being with it completely at the moment of arrival. Nowadays when bad pain comes along, its just a matter of being with it, examining it, what does it actually feel like, where precisely is it? show no resistance and it seems to transform. I’ve also done some good deep meditation using pain as the focus and it all disappears.

    The worst of it seems to come from our fear of it, when really it’s not as bad as when we THINK it.

    BTW, Cameron, I love the way you started todays’ show laughing, the first sound heard. wonderful!


  6. neal says:


    Can’t wait to see the clock on video.

    OK, so regardless of the frustration, just keep investigating that Who am I? I have no idea, haven’t for a while now, no matter. It seems like just doing what Neal does and trusting that whatever happens will happen. I can’t do anything anyway as there is no doer. This is so funny.


  7. Cameron says:

    mmmm urine. yummy. The frustration is part of the process of the breaking down of the ego. It’s critical. And so much fun!!! (not).

  8. Doug Downs says:

    Please be assured 60% of the American population is very embarrased by our choice of Presidents… It’s kinda scary when you think that Bush is part of the All “I AM” which we are, isn’t it…

    – Doug

  9. Gary says:

    I discovered podcasting, Cameron, Bob and the clock within the last few weeks. I told my wife that the new, expensive, audio player just appeared. She just quipped, ya, whatever, it was predestined. Yup, this Advaita stuff is great. No bingo dollars here. I love using “I” in my sentences.

    I back-ended Advaita. Sounds dangerous..ehh? Did years of chasing the rainbow, then hit some rocky tantric times. Tossed the spiritual chase in the dumpster until one day I noticed that the silence never left and stuff just went on. That noticing occurred while occupying some time reading John Greven’s Oneness. The experience had been there for some time, but there wasn’t a stirring to analyze it. Having lived the experience prior to plugging in the philosophy, I can state that all I know is that there is profound silence and within that is the experience of duality. My experience doesn’t support, or refute that duality comes from the silence, but only that I come from that silence. I can’t even say that your silence is the same as mine. Don’t have a clue as to what time is, who god is, or if reincarnation exists. To me, all this is fun self consistent intellectual mumbo jumbo. Great fun.. Nisargadatta suggests a ripening of the experience. I can’t speak to that. Advaita seems to be an effective pointing device. The unburdening that comes with surrender makes the word “life” a joy. Keep up the good work. Bob’s clear voice and Cameron’s light, but insightful quips make listening great fun. Thanks from California.. gary

    PS: First century Christian Gnostics taught along the lines that Bob suggested. They claimed to have this knowledge directly from some underground Jesus tradition. Of course, the subsequent institutionalization lost the “I Am” orientation and took the politically power consolidating step of making the Church the arbitrator of all things “spiritual”. Amen

  10. Tris F Brown says:

    Hi Cameron & Bob,

    I couldn’t stop laughing when you did the Irish Accent last show. I have an aussie accent and I do ‘the Irish accent’ to all my friends here in Cork. I say to them ‘top of the morning’ all day long and ‘to be sure, to be sure. to be sure’. I reckon they really appreciate it….secretly….when i’m not there…

    Thanks for answering my questions on time travel and out of body projection – scarry as hell, but I feel better about it now.

    QUESTION Pre-(r)amble: Jeez Bob, what have you done? The awareness ‘I’ seems to have shifted to the background and life now happens in the foreground.

    Also many things now seem quite funny. The apparent world of ‘objects n stuff’ seems to have shrunk down to what is immediate and cognised. The old ‘what about the starving children in Africa’ perception has quietened down as they don ‘t exist in what is immediately cognised – except as a thought. (I believe this belief about starving children in Africa was cultural programming by a generation of Australian mothers for kids who wouldn’t eat their veges).

    THE ACTUAL QUESTION: My mind seems to have gone into overdrive – throwing up all sorts of ‘nasty’ thoughts from the past. However – nothing can change this awareness. Can you comment about the mind attempting to bring up objections to this new state of being. Thoughts of unworthiness, guilt, fear, anger etc etc.

    PS (Cameron) on a funny note – I know Advaita speak pisses you off, but once this awareness takes hold, you just can’t help yourself. You open your mouth to tell people about this stuff and things start coming out like: “everything arrises in this, this is all there is, in the appearance.” etc etc The bus driver says where are you going and you say “I’m already there” and he says ‘huh?’ and you realise the futility of your apparent journey as you are already at the destination, and you step of the bus with a beatific smile. And then you’re late for work and you boss says ‘you’re fired’ and you say ‘And so are you, because in the appearance anything can arise’. And when you tell your girlfriend you got fired and you need her to support your new lifestyle as wandering mystic – she says: ‘go screw yourself’ and for the first time in your life you realise that these are no longer idle words – but a distinct possiblity! Ahhh bliss

  11. dhinton says:

    where do you goto to get the video cast? Will it be suitable for small children and pets?

  12. Mike Smith says:

    Bob & Cameron:

    I loved the last show, especially where Cameron had to give in to the kids.. ha ha. I am a father of three and heard oneness in That. It all sounded like me at home. “Kids your grounded and cant go out, an hour later I am thinking what did I do.” The chaos is that too – that is what helps me


    #1 Have you discovered over the years that your random thinking and worries have simmered? That your Awareness and Oneness has expanded or simplified since day one?

    #2 Also – If I am That and so is everything else, then am I alone? aaaaahhhhh ever feel this (chuckle)

    Enjoy the ride
    Mike Smith
    Hampstead , Maryland

  13. gilbert says:

    Well, I had a listen. It is good to stir the possum and you love to do that. Can you take it in equal measure? Well, lets see! Now, I am not being rude or obnoxious my dear readers! Who is offended anyway? A personality or me, that’s all and the whole message is about the FACT that there is NO such THING! So get over it all you protectors of Cameron! He can stand up for himself (maybe – with a little help from his shrink).
    It is now clear that you ‘missed the boat’ my dear and lovable Cameron. Why not stop pretending to everyone and yourself that you ‘got’ this Non Duality ‘thing’? It is so obvious that it flies straight over your head. You would not crap on so much if this understanding really touched you.
    This podcast is a great vehicle for getting Bob’s message ‘out there’. Your rediculous approach is that it is a ‘personality show’ for cameron to be a smart arse and it works very well. I don’t give a figs twat what other say inyour defence. Nothing would make me more pleased thanif you actually dropped the mind games and allowed Bob to address the questions. Why not get Eliot to read the questions and let Bob answer without all your ‘non-understanding’ and intellectual squirming. You can do your personality thing at the head and tail of the show, tell some jokes etc.
    Yes, there is ‘no one’ but in the appearance ‘I’ can take a shot at that ‘no one’ and watch the sparks fly.
    What is so scary about space? Or the clear expressions which Bob gives?
    Why does it have to be put into McDonalds language?
    You ‘trip out’ when ever Bob mentions space or emptiness in his expressions.
    Try and follow what he is pointing out.
    Having said all that, it was good to have less technical problems this week. And it is great that you spare the ‘time’ to do this regular podcast.
    Only a ‘me’ will appear to be upset. Get the message clear and no more problem.
    Now, all the Advaita Nut cases can pick my words to pieces and I don’t give a rats arse. I am FREE and it was thanks to Bob’s pointing out. There still appears a ‘gilbert’ with all his so called faults etc. So what? But I don’t throw crappy responses at Bob just for the sake of some ego trip. Eat them apples Dude!

    Maybe you could take an renewed interest in ‘the solipsistic mechanism of annunciation’.
    Fond regards – gilbert.

  14. Cameron says:

    Dale, video is coming tonight. My tech guys are just trying to figure out how I put it up here without everyone who is subscribed to the show via RSS getting it shoved down their pipes.

    Gilbert…. figs have twats? I never knew that. All that money I wasted on hookers…

  15. Richard says:

    Hey Gilbert,

    I don’t get it. Are you jealous of Cameron or is this some Aussie humor which goes over my head? If one starts evaluating along the lines of “I have got it” and “he has not got it” then it’s back into the duality trap, but perhaps with a more “spiritual” ego.

    You have been very helpful to me in the past, as has Cameron.

    So, since you have hooked me into this, I shall end by saying to one and all: It’s nice to be nice.


  16. dan says:

    Bob, I was going to ask a question but you pretty much have undone me and for that I’m eternally greatful. Words can’t express how much! So how about a hypothectical one? Do you think this appearance could be consciousnesses bad dream and heaven it’s wet dream? Gilbert what the fuck? did you forget to take your midol?

  17. rocks are hard
    water’s wet
    gilbert’s gilbert
    dreams or nightmares
    who cares?
    not i said henny penny …

    there IS a very straight interview on my website … give it a listen, gilberticus poppananada ji
    love to “all”

  18. Grant Day says:

    Hi Cameron & Bob

    Great show! Only Aussies could make Advaita simple and put it into plain ole English.

    2 things for starters…

    GURU – spell it out letter by letter and see what you get. hint G=gee
    (I will send more words soon for Bob.)

    Another was to look at the I that doesn’t have any seperate reality. If we all, well english speaking masses, call ourselves “I” then if we could only see that that “I” was actually what Bob would call the Intelligence Energy or IE. So when I talk about “I” am describing unity not individuality.

    Love, Grant

  19. hi Bob .. love ya
    Cameron, I love you … but (and?) there is a prefernce here for hearing BOB … please can we have less of “Cqameron’s Infinite Wisdom” and settle in with Bob and allow the expression to express from the Stillness? Yes I know this is politically incorrect but I wiill tell you that “in the dream” it is becoming an annoyance to hear more cameron than bob … could ya maybe shut the bleep up elvis-ji?

    Humor is great but it is overdone and does distract from the pointing … too much noise not enough Bob

    Bob, there is a feeling of great warmth and gratitude that bubbles up here … for no one … so as we say … I love You … how can it be other than that … I AM you

    to say thank yoiu is almost to demean the depth of gratitude … “does exist, cannot be conceptualized”

    Don’t take it “personally, my dear Cam

    Love to Barb and Eliot

  20. Richard says:


    If I had Charlie’s way with words I would write a poem like his but would include, “Cameron’s Cameron”.

    As a frequent questioner, I think Cameron’s contribution is being trivialized. It is he who urges Bob to give complete answers to what the questioner wants to know. And Cam also sumerizes Bob’s answers and adds his own input to answer questions completely.

    Besides, Cam’s the man. It’s he who brings us the show. For this I am grateful. I am happy to have such a show that features Bob.

    I’m not sure but maybe, since Gilbert and Charlie have both been benefitted greatly by Bob, they feel their guru is not given enough respect by Cam. If so, this is understandable.


  21. Kevin says:

    Hi everyone (first mail here)

    Great show look forward to it every week etc …
    Like to say thanks to Bob & Cameron and for taking the time to do all this.

    A few thoughts came to me the other day, and I was putting these sort of questions to bemused work collegues, so I thought I’d try them here…

    Without meaning to sound insensitive
    If someone were deaf say from birth do you have thoughts in the same way
    “words in sound form ????” or just visual and if someone were blind from birth or both
    what happens there ? Does it make a difference

    Do thoughts just happen to people without ever having heard words or seen the “world of form” in the same way

    Why the hell should you know ,,, its more of a “what do you reckon sort of question”

    By the way liked the video ..I imagined that you were sat in a living room with large comfy chairs and a large fireplace with the clock on the mantlepeice.
    Easier to listen to mp3 player though

    Wrong !!

    Thanks a lot

  22. Kevin says:

    Erm sorry …wrong to my visulization of the room not the mp3 player thing

  23. gilbert says:

    YES. YES. YES.
    RESPECT. Where is it? We all like a good laugh. I am having some fun with words TOO.
    Everyone gets so pissed off so easily with words. I am free of words, completely.
    They come, they go. However I respect Bob and love him beyond words and trivial entertainment.
    I guess one has to consider the fact that most seekers want entertainment since they have not got the capacity to understand Non Duality.
    Maybe when Bob punches Cams lights out, we will all get a good giggle. There have been a few ‘moments’ already when Popeye sounded like he was going to flex those tatooed muscles.
    I remember a story my first teacher told about a monkey that got into a great Cathedral, ran about and tore up the hymn books and then climbed the Rostrum and then pees all over the lecturn.
    Monkeys are monkeys. Some can talk it seems ……but if they could shut the f… up for a spell sometimes. Hey! Chill out, I am not upset. This is my fun, why should cam get all the fun?
    Luv ya all – gilbert

  24. who the bleep is gilbert? who is ‘he’ ranting about?
    shit stew possum flowers

  25. gilbert says:

    Shut up Charlie, or you’ll give the game away!
    There is no better advertising than a bit of controversy!!!!
    When a couple of dogs start fighting in the street – pretty soon you have a crowd.
    The ‘do gooders’ try to separate the dogs of course and get bitten.
    When I get to Melbourne next time, Cam and I will probably have a good laugh about it all.
    ‘Who’ is offended?
    Cheers – gilbert

  26. Doug Downs says:

    Cam _ Yer not get’in cold feet are you?

    – Doug

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