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January 31, 2006
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February 3, 2006
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Advaita Vidcast #001

Advaita Vidcast #001 (WMV – 43.7Mb – 40 mins)

This is the video companion to Episode #21 “Bleep You!”. I’ve tried to keep it fairly low res and only used the mic on the video camera. If the audio doesn’t come out clearly enough for you, let me know, and next time I’ll try splicing the podcast audio into it.

The file is in the Windows Media format and requires Windows Media Player, so don’t try watching it in iTunes or on your iPod. I’ll get around to producing future versions in MP4 as well.

There is a separate RSS feed for the vidcasts. It is:

Give me some feedback on whether or not you’d like more video in the future. It’s a lot of work, so I won’t bother if you guys don’t think it adds value.



  1. Richard from Madrid says:

    If the individual doesn’t exist and we aren’t the body mind why does Cameron go the shrink and Bob to the gym?

    I am finding that I get insights from some of Bob’s apparently throw away comments. Like today he said that it is amazing what intelligence energy can do if we get the me out of the way. And another time whenever we open our mouth a concept comes out. It’s probably my slowness but they help me a lot.

    The video show is a great improvement. Congratulations.


  2. Mark says:

    Wow! How fun to see the faces and smiles along with the voices I’ve been hearing all these months….But Cameron where were you? Aside from bashing in the clock, you were camera shy!

    Funny….in my mind I always pictured the “clock” to be a grandfather clock instead of the little one on the wall.

    Thanks for the video. It was a treat. It was also fun to be a ‘fly on the wall’ as you kept the camera running after you ended the audio portion of the show. So you guys really DON’T disappear afterall! Doesn’t this conflict with the “What the Bleep” ideas? Hm….

  3. Steve of UK says:

    FEEDBACK.Yessss …….keep the video BUT with everyone on camera if possible.I thought Elvis had left the building on Vidcast #001.
    Thanks for your hard work.
    Don’t lose the will to live you guy’s.You’re Pioneers.
    The whole of nothingness is resting on your shoulders
    May Captain Advaita + the Force be with the non-yous.

    With appreciation from Bournville

  4. Richard says:

    Hi Cameron: Two thumbs up! Great character development, intrigueing plot, believable acting.

    My feedback is—Thanks for doing this. The video was superior to and much more enjoyable than only the audio. On the other hand, I wouldn’t feel right asking you to do a lot of extra work on my account.

    Best regards to you and Bob,

  5. Pablo from Argentina says:

    Hi Cameron, Ihave found your podcast a couple of weeks ago and I listened to every show almost in chronological order. I wanted to thank you both so much for the show!!!!
    Something “happened” since I started listening to the show. I wouldn`t say illusion dropped…. I think it`s like that “I got it- I lost it”…there is something in me that figths both ways: towards sleep and towards recognizing what really happens. The “I am” leaves it`s place quite often, and identification happens. You talked about this many times

    But I keep asking “who am I” and letting go of concepts….. but is quite a struggle for this particular psycho-somatic-non-entity. any further recommendations?

    Also: the use of mystical practices to improve wellbeing of the mind-body, or to improve any part of the perceived universe….well “I” don`t quite understand if such practices are negative, and if they are…how is that?

    Thank you

    ps. I studied english with american teachers…, could Bob fake a New Yorker`s accent? (just kidding)

  6. Brian says:

    Great Job!

    We can actually see you laugh Bob in those silent moments. You guys are having way too much fun!

    hugs to Bob
    from Brian and Naama

    oh Cameron check out this Quantum Physics site with video shows from Brian Greene

  7. Andrew says:

    I liked the video, but it’s not
    necessary to repeat it every week
    or anything. It would be nice to see
    you guys every few months if you
    cared to do it again. The podcasts
    generally are great,
    thanks to all involved.

    Andrew (snowed in in Nova Scotia)

  8. Cameron says:

    wow, Argentina, Nova Scotia… we should set up a frappr map to see where all you guys are from. Stay tuned.

  9. Bob Seal says:

    It’s an all singing and dancing show now you have the video!

    Just being able to hear the meeting works fine, the video is icing on the birthday cake.

    It’s good to see a face that goes with a voice.
    The imagined image in the head never fits the voice.
    Isn’t that always amazing?


  10. Gareth says:

    Hi, The Video is a big plus . The audio is fine and the res ok too, but
    maybe try putting the camera in the corner of the room so we can see
    everyone , the audio show works because we get everyone’s point
    of view equally and it would be nice to preserve this with the video. Also maybe you
    could do the video only occasionally as a special treat.
    Thanks for a great show it sure gets my vote.

    Regards to you all

  11. glenn thomson says:

    I loved it. Bob you are a fit looking nobody. Cameron you are a true auteur ; french new wave oui ?. Liked the cutaways to Amy and Eliot. It is certainly interesting to feel the non vebal “bob cues” that vision delivers. I reckon that microphone makes a BIG pointer.



  12. Laya says:

    The podcast seem great so far, but surprisingly for me the video was a ++ to see Bob laughing and speaking .. and everyone .. it was much more effective, like being with you.
    So as much as you can, it is great.
    Thank you,


  13. Jon Jennings says:

    Hey Guys, You ought to put “advaita Man” on a t-shirt, He’s great! I’d probably buy one of those: The other t-shirt has all the appeal of a “Barry Manilow in concert” tour shirt. Videocast is impressive. It would be better if you were all visible as in a talk show. The expressions of other “cast members”as the dialog develops would be cool. Thanks, Jon

  14. Luly says:

    hello everyone,
    the videocast was great!
    it very helpful to me because i have trouble understanding what i hear sometimes, especially when the accents are very different from what i’m used to hearing. english is my 2nd language, plus i have a slight physical hearing deficiency, certain sounds don’t register for me. so lip reading was very helpful.
    thanks for the efforts you all make to get this on the web. it is much appreciated.
    btw, Amey from Toronto was excellent!
    get her to come back & stay. we all need the fem influence.
    San Rafael, Ca.

  15. Amey H'ng says:

    Hello there,

    I can’t get access to the video, why? I am getting back to the same page. Thanks.

    Amey from Toronto

  16. Amey H'ng says:

    HI Again,

    I am fine now with the WMV. Thank you. Love

  17. Gary from San Rafael, CA says:

    Hi Luly… This little town must be an Advaita hotbed. I guess that Bob made a 2004 “appearance” here, so makes sense.

    Bob has been occupying my Palm TX and making a good show of it.

    BTW.. Did enjoy Amey’s contribution.

    Cameron..thanks again

  18. Urvashi says:

    Hey Guys,

    The video is absolutely terrific; and much more effective than the regular podcast (although the podcast is great). Thanks for all your sincere efforts – they really hit home. Really look forward to seeing it……
    urvashi from toronto

  19. yes
    wonderful to see you bobba
    love ya

  20. hi Bob .. love ya
    Cameron, I love you … but (and?) there is a prefernce here for hearing BOB … please can we have less of “Cqameron’s Infinite Wisdom” and settle in with Bob and allow the expression to express from the Stillness? Yes I know this is politically incorrect but I wiill tell you that “in the dream” it is becoming an annoyance to hear more cameron than bob … could ya maybe shut the bleep up elvis-ji?

    Humor is great but it is overdone and does distract from the pointing … too much noise not enough Bob

    Bob, there is a feeling of great warmth and gratitude that bubbles up here … for no one … so as we say … I love You … how can it be other than that … I AM you

    to say thank yoiu is almost to demean the depth of gratitude … “does exist, cannot be conceptualized”

    Don’t take it “personally, my dear Cam

    Love to Barb and Eliot

  21. Cameron says:

    Charlie, the great way not difficult for those who have no preferences.
    Then again, I prefer French cheeses, so screw the great way.
    Sure Charlie, I’ll try to joke around less. I can’t promise anything though. This brain doesn’t seem to take commands easily. It has a mind of it’s own. 🙂

  22. David says:

    On my old computer, the vidcast starts playing almost immediately, thanks to streaming. The audio version, on the other, takes time to download. The audio is very clear on the vidcast too. Thank you Bob, Cameron and everyone else involved.

  23. jscqui says:

    I like the video, but prefer to listen to the mp3 on my poddy…I concentrate better on the content…

  24. Mark says:

    Ah…now that would be an interesting topic of discussion… “preferences”.

  25. John Astin says:

    Dear Bob (and Cameron),
    Thanks for the podcasts (haven’t seen the video version yet) but totally enjoying the audio! I have a question/observation I’d love to get Bob’s take on. Isn’t it fair to say that the conscious recognition of what we are (the One without a second) tends to have a quite profound affect on the appearance, precisely because they are not separate? Call it what you will – embodiment, a deepening of the Seeing, stabilization – it seems to me that if such a process of actually living what has been seen to be true, does not happen, then its easy to see how (and many people’s experience would confirm that) one could despite clearly seeing the Truth of no-self, in the very next moment act out of ignorance of that same seeing (i.e., in ways that still reflect some degree of belief in a separate self and the perceived need to protect/defend that self). No doubt, the background of presence-awareness never comes and goes. This is clear. But is that realization actually being made real, or is the appearance continuing in any way to respond to life out of some residual belief that there is a separate self? Could this in part, explain why the appearance of a Ramana Maharshi and say a Saddam Hussein, despite their both being in essence that One without a second, appear to be so different? Is there something instructive in such apparent differences, something that reflects what you could call a kind of transparency to the Emptiness, a transparency that becomes increasingly evident the more the Background of Awareness is allowed (by no one!) to move to or permeate the foreground. In my own experience, such a “process” of stabilizing or deepening the realization of no-self would appear to make a considerable difference as far as the level of the appearance is concerned. This to me is the true meaning of non-duality – Yes, it is all One Thing. But when the appearance and the Empty Ground in which appearances arise and set actually come together consciously, not just as a nice theory or philosophy, but as a lived reality, well that seems to make all the difference in the world, at least in terms of the suffering/division any particular bodymind experiences not to mention the degree to which that same bodymind creates suffering in the lives of others.

    Much love,
    John Astin
    Santa Cruz, California

  26. Craig says:

    Hello Bob and Cameron,
    I have noticed that the concepts of Advaita can be used to justify any behavior. This occurred with me, as well as with other students and even guru’s, if there was any,even subtle, ego-identification left. Typical mis-taken and mis-used Advaita concepts are: “Nothing that happens matters”, “God made me do it”, “I don’t have any personal responsibility”, “Nothing needs to change. Just accept What Is”.
    QUESTION: In trying to bring Advaita to “the masses”, don’t you “think” (oops, bad word!) that one who is still ego-identified can use Advaita concepts to further separate and/or to deceive one’s self, just as all world religions have done?….AND please don’t answer by asking me the typical “Who wants to know? question….or say “It’s all just as it IS Intelligence Energy”…..or Whatever happens, happens!” If you do, this Awareness Energy will charge you a really big fine!!!
    with love,

  27. Craig says:

    While I really enjoy your quirky, Ozzie humor, as they say…….”Too much of a good thing (or rather “Too much of no-thing is ________!!!”

  28. Craig says:

    Also, Cameron,
    I tried listening to and watching the Vidcast #001, but the sound was too soft, and I couldn’t turn it up (or didn’t know if I could), so I had to just listen to the audio podcast. The audio podcast is just fine with me, if the video is too much work. Please have access to just the audio, as well as the vidcast, if you do that. If you can increase the volume on the vidcast that would be much appreciated…..or any suggestions so that I can increase the volume.

  29. Mike Smith says:

    my vote is Yes More Video – I loved the video. Gives it another dimension.

  30. JAMES BRAHA says:

    What fun to see Bob again! Thanks for these videos.
    But he seems to have lost the extra weight that he had gained here in America. Let’s get him back here for another tour.
    In fact, many people are asking me if Bob is going to return for another U.S. tour. LET’S DO IT. I’M READY.

  31. Ken says:

    I’m very drawn to the video of Bob. After reading so much and listening to so much, the visual images are great. Just an old bloke, sure. But still!
    Please carry on.

  32. Doug Downs says:

    Cam – You’re on the bubble, forget about the critics and run your vidcast the way you see fit. If Charlie, Gilbert, and Craig have a problem, then let them start their own podcast or vidcast and get their own life! If you 3 guy’s just hit the road, it would be all the same to me…

  33. dan says:

    Bob stop laughing and enjoying yourself on the podcast, you’re giving advaita a bad name. We want our enlightentment to be serious and boring!

  34. misa CZ says:

    Make auction and sell those clock, if you do not have some nostalgic connection to it.. 🙂 and you will earn enough for your first Rolls Royce. There are listeners }of the show], that would pay fortune for this incredible advaita artefact.


  35. Corey Vance says:

    Thanks for the shows!!! I’m loving the video. And, I think I’m making some progress, but I have a question that is going to seem like I’m moving in the wrong direction. If you see fit to answer this, please forget about semantics. Just use whatever definitions you see fit for my words, instead of saying, “it depends on what you mean by “is”.” 🙂

    It seems like the overall theme of Bob’s teaching is that since everything is made up of intelligence energy, why bother worrying or trying. As I thought about The Advaita Show this weekend, it came to mind that this theory is just like saying ” It’s all Atoms and Molecules, so why bother.” You’ve just broken the physical world into smaller pieces. This seems scientific, not spiritual.

    My hope is that I’m misunderstanding the meaning and would love some clarification.

    Keep up the good work!!!


  36. barney says:

    Great video.Thanks 4 all the work and effort. I know Bob has the whole universe inside him but he also seems to have the earth on his shoulders or is that a globe ?

  37. Cameron says:

    no barney, that’s his blue halo

  38. mario says:

    Hi guys,

    My name is mario. Bob and I have spoken via email a few times. I have a website, I’ve also recently met Gilbert Schultz and Mark West here in Sydney who I have lunch with sometimes.

    I just finished watching the vidcast. Really enjoyed it. I haven’t got round to going to Melbourne yet so it’s great to at least get a simulated experience of what Bob’s kitchen looks like… ( even though it’s actually nothing but an emanation from the Cognising Emptiness! ) 🙂

    Don’t really have any questions because after being a ‘seeker’ for 18 years and then finally coming across the books of, firstly Ramana Maharshi, then Nisargadatta, and then finally Bob’s first book and his cds there was finally a wordless, non-conceptual knowing which is prior to any thought or concept which basically, as Bob puts it, put this seeming entity beyond the need for any help.

    But I just wanted to say hello, and that I love what you are doing. I’ve got the Advaita Show linked at the end of my site.

    all the best, love,


  39. Sid says:

    You think the I is real

    But it is so much constructed imagery

    It does not exist in substance

    An icon to the virtual

    Though it takes for its sustenance

    Everything that it can get

    And more and more

    Till it is itself satiated

    Yet from one I to another I

    I warn thee to be cautious

    For when the great day of reckoning

    That one day comes upon us all

    Then will be revealed

    That the I exists not at all

    And then and only then

    Will we understand the reasons of our fall.

    Sid, 2001.

  40. jigsaw says:

    The link is dead 🙁

    Could somebody please fix it or upload a downloaded copy somewhere else maybe?

    Thanks a lot!

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