The Long-Awaited Advaita Show #022
February 21, 2006
Sailor Bob the Biker Boy
March 3, 2006
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Next show – Friday

I was interstate yesterday so we’ve re-scheduled for Friday.

Just letting you in case you start to panic…


  1. Linda says:

    Thanks Cameron, I have already been checking, checking for the next show.


  2. Helen says:

    Hi Cameron and Bob –

    Bob, Ramesh Balsekar often says that ‘the film is already in the can’ – please can you comment on the idea that life is already written.

    Thanks, Helen in LA

  3. Bob Seal says:

    Helen’s comment above made me think that . . .
    Life has not only already been written, It’s been illustrated, edited, published, put on the shelves in the book store, sold and put in the library, read, remaindered, pulped and made into plain paper again! LOL! And in all of That, No-thing happened!

    And of course now it’s all been put on the world wide web and made into The Advaita Show 🙂

  4. Stan says:

    Bob, can you clarify a statement I think you made in one of the earlier shows that seeing This is simply a matter of ‘having a bit of a look’?

    Apparently it took The Niz about three years, during which time he stayed with the sense I Am as much as he possibly could. This suggests to me that it is not always easy to see This, and that realisation requires a level of dedication, sincerity and intensity that in my case I suspect I may not have.

    In his book ‘Silence of the Heart’, Robert Adams says that we have to put Self-inquiry first in our life. If we use it like we do everything else and we say “Well today I’m going to practice Self-inquiry, then I’m going to see a movie, then I’m going for a few beers, then I’m going to watch TV, then tomorrow I’ll do the same thing”, then not a lot is going to happen.

    BTW, loved the show last week. I played it during my lunch break at work and laughed out loud a lot. The rest of the arvo just breezed by. Proves that Advaita doesn’t have to be throw-yourself-off-a-cliff serious all the time.


  5. Enrique says:

    How dare you be interstate!

  6. Doug Downs Says:
    March 1st, 2006 at 7:39 am
    Isn’t there there someway to elimate Charlie Hayes from the link. His comment are so annoying…
    Gary from San Rafael, CA Says:
    March 1st, 2006 at 8:38 am
    For one minute we can suggest that you have free will. If Charlie offends, don’t read his posts. Of course, there is the Advaita answer, but who cares to give that.

    Charlie Hayes Says:
    March 1st, 2006 at 7:39 pm
    Bob, Isn’t there there some way to elimate Charlie Hayes from the link? His comments are so annoying…

  7. Karl says:

    Well there’s some good old banter going on “here & now”…. Guess everyone getting withdrawl from the show running late AGAIN :{

    Cameron thinks we’re going to vote for the show and get him into the top ten..

    Well howzabout, he can rely on us when we can rely on him :))

    PS I’m with Enrique. I should give a toss about your problems with the interstate?

    Cut the Bull Cameron… the show must go on


  8. Ken says:

    Hi Cameron, I have followed the show and enjoyed it greatly. I love the mix of humour and wisdom but watch out for the balance, I’m finding there is less and less Bob while Cameron is looming larger by the week…it’s too much, I’m getting bored, tuning out, don’t lose this listener…..

  9. gilbert says:

    Great Show (#22) Cameron,Bob, Eliot and Laya. I voted! and showed Mark West how to vote too. Playing the role of Dick Nixon is fun. Another log on the fire makes the light shine brighter. If there is someone hidding behind some suffering, then something may be illuminated which otherwise may go on being hidden (for no one).
    Imagine the Ultimate answer is in an empty room. You go in after being shown where it is.
    Once in there, everything disappears including the walls and door.
    Then it is seen that the pure space of Knowing is empty of all phenomena including any body or mind.
    This pure Knowing is still active yet the form has disappeared (briefly).
    When you come out, as it appears we must, someone asks “Did you get it”?
    What can you possibly say that could convey what was found?
    Yet we speak of it all the time.
    This pure space of knowing is really all there IS.
    The content is nothing but a parade of electrons etc, which make up an infinite display of images and apparent ‘matter’.
    ONE singular, timeless space of Knowing is equal to an eternity of content and realms of time.
    Who gets that? No one!
    Luv ya – gilbert richard nixon

  10. no one can crush gilbert grape

  11. Nadeem says:

    Lord Bob, Could you explain what you mean by a ‘reference point’? What is it like to believe in a reference point? How does the belief in a reference point manifest? Examples?

  12. Richard says:

    Question: Bob, you said you have hours of chatter and hours of silence. I have heard your talk but what goes on during your silence? Thoughts? Emptiness? Thanks, you’re the best.

    Charlie, I liked your reply the first time about eliminating yourself from the link AND (est) why did your ego have to post it
    a second time? Shakespeare it ain’t. Love you anyway and your website.

  13. Mark says:

    We’re all here because we’re searching for what the guru has. We believe it is permanant peace, bliss, happiness that never stops… and we think that we don’t have that already. We’re looking for that ANSWER that will make our pain go away, that elusive ANSWER that will cause us to say ‘a-ha!’ and then ecstacy will be ours forever, non-stop, permanantly!

    I’m giving up. No more searching for it, I see the folly of it. Negative feelings will arise. Thoughts arise. One minute I feel one way, and the next, another way. I will go through my entire life feeling all the emotions that are part of being human—there is no escape from feelings of pain, or sadness. Give it up! Stop trying to NOT feel those things. Accept them, and that is the way through them…Peace comes with acceptance.

    just my thought of the day. 😉

  14. Enrique says:

    Karl, good things are worth waiting for, in the meantime why not do as Cameron and be interstate, hey! ,why don’t we all be interstate! If Cameron was interstate maybe thats the way! !
    O, your holiness Cam show us the way to interstate :0)

  15. Richard says:


    Right on! Accept the contents and see that in which it arises. Yes?

  16. Dale says:

    Just a thought. Why doesn’t Bob interview you and do the advaita show. I mean your next in line arn’t you?

  17. Nadeem says:

    It strikes me that you can’t ever experience awareness. Are you guys tooootally sure it exists? Sure, you DEFINE it as something that’s necessary for there to be anything, but what if it is not necessary? What if it is just a concept? It’s certainly true that there is no separate entity. Is it possible that the “awareness” concept is just a gateway or ‘scaffolding’ concept that helps to see that there is nobody there? I dunno. Professor Cameron? Please, some scepticism!

  18. posted again just to annoy richard

    Bob, Isn’t there there some way to elimate Charlie Hayes from the link? His comments are so annoying…

  19. Bob Seal says:

    Love Ya Charlie!
    Could Ya pass the popcorn while we are waiting for the show to begin. 🙂

  20. Craig says:

    CAMERON…….TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY QUESTION: After your 3 week break, I began having difficulty with the audio only podcasts. I didn’t have any difficulty listening to them before the break. What is happening now is that after the audio plays on my aol Media Player for 45 seconds – 1 minute, it stops playing, and the little arrow at the bottom returns to the stopped position at the beginning. I tried sliding the arrow, manually, to where it left off playing, and again, it would play for up to 1 minute and then shut off. I called Aol tech support and microsoft support who had me uninstall and reinstall another disk. It is still happening on the Advaita site. All the podcasts on your site do the same thing. BUT the Vidcast is OK and doesn’t shut off. Also, I tried playing other audio podcasts on the podcast network. Some worked OK (like The Cafe Geek Show #001….and Heretic #004), BUT other some of the other podcasts I tried did the same shut-off thing. HELP!!!! Thanks, Craig

  21. Linda says:

    I had similar trouble recently, but worked out that if I didn’t try to download the podcast from the main Advaita Show page but clicked on the actual show and then downloaded it, it then worked OK. It was either this or the other way around.

  22. Will says:

    Hi All..Love the show..Have been reading ‘Living Reality’ Would be interested if Bob would talk a little on the time after understanding has happened..when the thoughts and identification appear to come back out of force of habit. In the book this is
    described as being similar to the blades of a fan slowing down after the electricity has been turned off. I’m going through a similar thing myself after understanding happened ‘ whist talking to an Advaita teacher late last year. Since then many ideas, concepts and thought indentifications have fallen away and th e idea of a search has stopped. But still the identification is strong at times but weaker at others. Many thanks Will 🙂

  23. Try this …
    right click and save to hard disk, then play off disk rather than within AOL
    had the same problem earlier this solved it for me.

  24. Nadeem says:

    Hmm, might seem like a bit of an obvious solution but have you tried enquiring as to WHO is having the technical problem?

  25. Karl says:

    Cameron ?

    I make it Saturday afto here M8

    Where’s the B******y Show?

  26. rich says:

    Hmmmm. This horizontally linear calender we use in Michigan says Saturday… the mind thinks there have been fridays in the past and fridays in the future. sometimes friday now, but only if it remembers what day it is. Sometimes friday in the space called michigan is not friday elsewhere. too confusing. Cameron, Since this linear view of time really does not work well, and, since time is relative, why not simply announce to do the podcast now. The listeners can then download now, then we can listen now. Beats the hell out of waiting for it in the imagined future, NOW kicks ass!

  27. Gary says:


    Perhaps the show should be every other week. Cameron could occasionally surprise us with an extra show thrown in from time to time. That would free Cameron so that he wasn’t so jammed up when he doesn’t meet our expectations. Another possibility is if he charged each of us $10 per show and got them to us every week. Of course, we could just stay free, mostly weekly, getting you all excited.

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