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June 19, 2007
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August 28, 2007
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It's Bob's birthday!

Bob turns 79 this week! Yes, guru’s apparently get older and have birthdays, just like the rest of us. Send him your best wishes here!


  1. Dan's Hand says:

    Happy birthday from Dan in Snoqualmie, Washington, USA. I wish you the best… even though you don’t really exist of course… with any substance or independent nature. I guess my seeming appearance SELF talking to your seeming appearnce self is of course THAT talking to THAT as far as the intelligence energy is concerned here. Still, one appearance to another as far as happy birthday’s goes.

    I have read your book “What’s wrong… if ya don’t think about it” and very much enjoyed it and found it “resonating” as you would say.

    Wow 79… that’s FANTASTIC.

    I to try to keep fit… and keep the blood presure down by exercise and eating properly. I’m sure you would call me a “young guy” at 44.

    I am just reading now the James Braha book… great read. I feel I have an understanding of that “presence” which is what we all share and move in… again, separate from the appearnce Dan = his thoughts and life situation (all conceptual).

    I do find it interesting how the door is left open to the possibility of Karma, or some kind of cause and effect scenario to play out in your understanding or teachings. I guess were talking about the appearance only… the possibility of this appearance again reappearing and continuing perhaps like another day… waking up from sleep possibly… continuing with the appearance known as BOB for instance… any comments???

    I want to thank you for doing the PODCAST with Cameron Reiley… consider continuing having a broadcast of your satsang’s (meeting whatever) available to Cameron and all. Not sure if he has enough on his own to keep the Advaita podcast going… or the interest in re-inventing it somehow.

    I expect to buy a CD of the 2007 Melbourne Talks in the next couple of weeks. Outside of that I will let ya go… and will see you around as far as the essence thing… anywhere and everywhere right?

    Cheers mate…

    Snoqualmie, WA, USA

  2. Helen says:


    I hope to meet you someday, to thank you in “person”.


    With love and appreciation,

    Helen in LA

  3. mandy says:

    hi cameron thanks for this sight.. will be cancelling my return to hong kong to attend bobs birthday party. my husbands birthday a day before but the husband is such a great guy he doesnt mind if i stay for bobs birthday and celebrate his when i get back to honkers at some later date!

  4. Marcelo says:

    Thankyou Bob – I could write something deep and meaningful here – but instead I’ll refer to a dream I had of you living with a young hot blonde and taking drugs.

    Any regrets?

    ; )

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Big warm hug


  5. Ged says:

    Thanks Bob, Happy Birthday,
    Warmest Regards
    Ged πŸ™‚

  6. Rob says:

    Happy Birthday Bob!!!

    Thank you for your clear and direct pointing – long may it continue!

  7. Steven Witt says:

    Really, what can you say to a guy who is everything — and knows it?

    Good on ya Fester —

    and boundless LOVE

  8. ???????????? says:

    Bob when did existence mean anything to you? If we’re just making this stuff up, does life have any meaning?? Popeye that’s you for sure, take care of oliveoil. A birthday comes a birthday goes , life goes on πŸ™‚

  9. Corey Vance says:

    Happy Birthday Bob!

    Thank you for all your pointers. I too hope to meet you in person some day.
    All the best to you, have fun.


  10. Bob Seal says:

    WOW 79!

    Happy Birthday Guru,
    Happy Birthday Guru,
    Happy Birthday,
    Happy Birthday,
    Happy Birthday Guru!

    Okay, Sailor Bob, I know you are not Happy with the Guru thing, but it was too good an opportunity to miss.

    Hey Bob!
    It’s my Birthday this week too! (But I’m only 54 and I’m hairy)

    Love to You and Barb πŸ™‚
    Bob Seal

  11. Richard says:

    Hi Bob,

    Happy birthday to you. It’s good we celebrate lives, particularly ones such as yours (illusory or not) which is dedicated to taking people beyond the need for help.

    Best wishes,
    Richard (from Virginia)

  12. tazzy says:

    Congratulations Bob,and many happy returns,thanks for being what you are,I hope to catch up with you again soon.lots of love,Tazzy.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Hey SW! I think you have it backwards … Shouldn’t you be saying, “what can you say to a guy who is nothing — and knows it?” Besides, I think Bob understands that even the phrase “Happy Birthday!” means nothing because happiness comes not from a birthday but from truly knowing that we are nothing and that is okay!

  14. Jo says:

    SEVENTY NINE???? (I thought you were One without a second)

    πŸ™‚ x

  15. Fred Claret says:

    I am Not speaking to Bob, I am speaking to that I am that I am;
    Happy unbirthday , i bet you are feeling as fresh as the day you weren’t born.

    p.s. Happy Birthday Bob

  16. Gary says:

    Thanks Bob… You have another seventy of so years to go to catch up with Abraham. Happy Birthday
    Gary (California)

  17. HotJennifer says:

    Hey Bob, do you know my good friend Christine? She has done a nice intro for newbies at Would you care to take a crack? Love & Energy! Jennster

  18. ???????????? says:

    Hey Bob I just mowed my lawn and had a couple glass’s of wine and I was wondering how there can be an appearance if there is only one? If you say only one doesn’t that mean nothing else? The bug on my screen sez what am I, please respect my existance. Am I just a voyeur with out any ???????????? is there any answer to existance, aren’t we arrogant. to assume we know????
    Bob do you really care if you have a birtday or not ,you’re immortal or you don’t exist at all~&^%*()$#@ ride -em cowboy. Who can’t love this shit? Peace love, what the ????

  19. Helen says:

    Cam, how about celebrating Bob’s birthday by putting up another show?

    Helen in LA

  20. Cameron says:

    Helen, I don’t have any more shows to put up, sorry. Maybe we should record one.

  21. ralph says:

    Good idea Cameron,

    How about John Wheeler as your guest ?

  22. Bob Seal says:

    The Advaita Show

    Here’s how it goes . . .

    Guru = Seeker.

    Question = Answer.
    Question = Answer.
    Question = Answer.
    Question = Answer.
    Question = Answer.
    No Question = No Answer.

    No one . . .


    Will the last one to leave please put the lights out.

  23. Cameron says:

    Ralph – we’ve tried Wheeler before but he’s harder to tie down than a politician’s election promise.

  24. Corey Vance says:

    On the last comment section Mike Smith ( ) offered himself up for a show.

  25. Dangerous Gary says:

    Happy Christmas Bob

  26. ????????????? says:

    Bob you were’nt born, so how the hell can you have a birthday? Peace, Love , eat my shorts, Simpsons rule! Joy is none negotiable , oh bother! You people are as much drug addicts as any body who shoots or snorts, don’t kid you’re no self :))))))

  27. bob morris says:

    Hi Bob ,happy birthday ,wishing one all the best ,will be back in melb when one is back there ,and one will see you then ,regards from one Bob Morris.

  28. Tan says:

    Happy Birthday Bob!

  29. Mark says:

    I miss the Advaita Show! How about doing a new one Cam & Steve!? Or What about Bob?

  30. Dan's Hand says:

    I’m wondering what the possibility of having Eliot and Gilbert posting Bob’s meetings on his website… heck for a nominal couple of bucks here and there I’d be willing to throw in a few dollars or coin like I was actaully there and the collection plate was going around! Heck, have it tied to Paypal.

    I frequent download a PODCAST from this guy called TC in Amsterdam… best ambient podcast I have found to date:
    ***Note: looks like it’s tied to:

    I went ahead and emailed Elliot on this… PERHAPS more of you are interested in the same… get onboard and do a search for Bob Adamson and contact Eliot too!

    Outside of that… heck yea, I would be totally up for more of Cameron and Steve doing the Advaita show and there spin on it. Steve is a space and Cameron holds his own with his take and psycho babble… It’s all good fun! A couple bucks here and there on the Cam/Steve show is even cool to me! Heck I don’t know!

    As far as my withdrawls from the show… just look around, this life thing is a trip. Damn we all play our parts in the play so well… to bad we forget it’s just that, “a dream” … so on and so forth. GO WITH THE FLOW AND WATCH THE SHOW!!!!

    Dan’s Hand

  31. Dangerous Gary says:

    I just saw this hammer-horror flick from the 1970s made in the UK. It was on channel four and there was this guy in it who was the spit of bob, although, this guy had hair. Did bob ever have hair? if so … did he have hair in the seventies? (1975 i think it was made). Hey! maybe it was bob. Was bob ever in films?

    i just had a thought. who would play bob in the film of his life? (bald kevin spacey?)

  32. Marcelo says:

    I stumbled upon this – – and this –

    Maybe the Niz and Ramana are phenomenally still alive, just like Elvis. Probably working at Blockbuster and cleaning DVD’s.

    Hey Elliot Cam etc and Bob, if you read this, how about a Bob Myspace?

    I could set it up for him if you guys are too busy – I’m currently on the Gold Coast so not much going on phenomenally here (unless you compare it to the Dresden Fires -y’know lots of phenomena, none of it all that enjoyable). Maybe put up some vids of Bob (although there is not much on YouTube apart from the Vodcast from here(the comment section on that youtube piece is just all sorts of fun).

    just a suggestion is my myspace

    if anyone wants to add me

  33. Helen says:

    I’m with Dan’s Hand!

    Eliott, would you consider putting up his satsangs? If you put up a Paypal button there too, we can all make a few bob for Bob!

    Helen in LA

  34. Dan's Hand says:

    I did get an email back from Eliot in which he stated that he would bring it up and they all would consider it?????
    Gosh, golly gee, holly smokes batman… I’m talking about a couple bucks people… $2 a Satsang…. just like if you walked in off the streets and the offering tray went around.

    There has to be others out there… if anyones interested they need to send Eliot an email!
    [email protected]

    C’mon folks…

    Dan’s Hand

  35. Helen says:


    I’ve emailed Eliott too asking him to give it a shot. I hope it gets done – there’s a lot of interest out there.

    Helen in LA

  36. ????????????? says:

    This show is officially dead, since there is no one to care. I know because I’m the one!!
    But you you know that because you’re the one tooooooooo!

  37. Corey Vance says:

    Are we the ‘Red-headed Stepchild’ of The Podcast Network?

    I’d be happy to throw down $2 for a bit of his Bobness.

    Corey in NY

  38. Corey Vance says:

    Are we the ‘Red-headed Stepchild’ of The Podcast Network?

    I’d be happy to throw down $2 for a bit of his Bobness.

    Corey in NY

  39. ????????????? says:

    Smoldering,smoke,dust, puffff&*%@#$ it’s gone, how can we go on?????????? Love you guys you’re so full of ________. Never mind:))))))) got to mow the lawn. Can any of you dorks start a lawn mower????. Or do you no things, think that the appearance is just too painfull??? Corey Vance there’s nothing new from Bob, he’s prerecorded, didn’t you know, so sorry.

  40. Corey Vance says:

    Yes, the film is in can the can, I get it.

    You can’t force yourself on others as a guru, if you have something to teach, people will ask for it. Until then, go build your ego elsewhere.

  41. ????????????? says:

    Corey ,if you ask Bob about the Ego he’ll say there’s no such thing. What should I build mine with????

  42. Corey Vance says:

    The same self aggrandizing banter you have been.

  43. ???????????????? says:

    Touche !!!!!! Who knows why we do the things we do? I’ll go ask mom.

  44. ???????????????? says:

    Corey there is no self. Do you believe in what advaita preaches or not? This is a big problem for me , Cameron sez no free will, but you seem to thing I have a choice in what I say. I’m confused. Please clarify. If you never question whats spoon fed to you how will you ever know if it’s for real?

  45. C???? V???? says:

    I repeat:
    “You canÒ€ℒt force yourself on others as a guru, if you have something to teach, people will ask for it.”

  46. ?????????????????? says:

    Chirst , I have nothing to teach,only an opinion. If you thing there is something wrong with that move to Cuba. The proponents of Advaita say no free will, you say I’m forcing my self on ????? as a guru. There’s no one here . Do you see where I’m coming from. There’s no one here to be right or wrong about anything. Please Corey shoot me in the head if that’s not what Advaita sez.

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