The Advaita Show #38 – Bob's Shack 27 Mar 2007

The Advaita Show #37 – Bob's Shack 20 Mar 2007
May 4, 2007
It's Bob's birthday!
July 14, 2007
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The Advaita Show #38 – Bob's Shack 27 Mar 2007

In response to the begging and pleading – here is some more Bob smack from the Bob shack.

Don’t forget you can appease your advaita withdrawals by going to Bob’s website and buying his CDs and books.

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  1. Helen says:

    Thanks Cam! Great show, Bob! I’ve bought all Bob’s available stuff (and will buy anything else that comes up – Elliott!) so it’s great to get these little shows as they turn up.

    thanks again,

    Helen in LA

  2. Dan's Spastic Hand says:

    I have bought Bob’s one book What’s wrong with now as long as Cameron Riley doesn’t walk In”… kidding. I really bought the other book “what’s wrong with…. ” pretty good. Just recently bought the James Braha book “Living Reality”. So far real good… I expect to purchase more from Bob and would like to read something by John Wheeler since I see that Steve is so “smitten” by him.

    I got to say that the Bob Smack must see your efforts as being helpful in getting his word out. I think the intersperse (is that a word… screw it) of Bob’s little talks and your’s and Steve’s Advaita comedy hour very refreshing. So, I need some CAM/Steve Smack now damit..! I got to check out your other shows… what one would I like? I like Austrailia… the Gday thing I can’t relate to… I live in Seattle – it rain’s here!

    Damn… you been listenin to that damn shrink of yours to much haven’t you… all in fun!

    On a serious note… I was wondering if Steve and yourself could address a question for me. Okay, the self is an illusion and I do not exist as a independent functioning SELF… But, is it possible for this appearance known as Cam to have a level of cause and affect. C’mon… you work hard and go to school… you get a chance at a better job. We do have operating laws that seem to stand the test of time here on earth anyways right? It’s not that far of a leap to take the next step and entertain the possibility of reincarnation… perhaps this same appearance of energy commonly referred to as Cameron Riley… needing to span a lifetime for all it’s energy to be exhausted. God knows you probably still wouldn’t be able to get the Advaita In-Limbo Show up and running strong by than either!

    Sell a damn shirt… with Adviata and Bob on the front … and Bob and Elliot driving a car over you (Cameron) on the back with a heading “No Self Exists”!

    Dan’s Spastic Hand

  3. Cameron says:

    hehe I think the official advaita response to questions like that is “all things are possible in the appearance”!

    But with my scientist hat on I’d say “there is no evidence to support the theory of either an individual self nor any reincarnation of that self”.

  4. Advaita Git says:

    Thanks Cameron Steve and Bob. I am finally getting there. Yes, of course there is no I and no where to get but when I first tuned in last year at this time, the only knowledge for sure I had was the “lack of free will”. That I got immediately. Now I have the ‘no separate entity” , “there is no doer” and ” all there is is awareness”. Still working on “no such thing as space and time” and a few other minor loose ends.

    When I say I have them I mean they are fundamentally understood and accepted in my life from second to second. When I get up in the morning, I wonder for an instant what I will do or say today and at the same time do not care. All of my problems have disappeared or get resolved before they become a problem. Overall I’m a well satisfied customer to your free show.

  5. Richard says:

    Good show, as usual. And good sound quality.

    Every time I think I’ve “got” Bob, something else he says comes into awareness. Maybe Cam can summerize the whole philosophy for us in a paragraph or two.

    Then I can “get on with my life”, as Cameron advises.

  6. Cameron says:

    Richard, with pleasure.

    “You don’t exist as a separate entity with free will and all that shit. All you are is the same basic thing/energy/substance that is pulse behind the entire universe. Now… get on with your life, have fun, lots of sex, make some money, be kind to the elderly.”

  7. Graeme says:

    Hey Cameron,
    I was browsing through Amazon the other day, and I noticed that there’s still no “Advaita for Dummies” available. What are you doing with yourself?? Get it written man.

  8. Cameron says:

    Graeme, think I would need to write more than the above paragraph? If so, i think I’m screwed.

  9. Graeme says:

    Nah. That paragraph doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to shove the word “THAT” in capital letters into every second sentence as well as a liberal sprinkling of “no-thing-ness” before it could pass the minimum Advaita-spiel standard.

  10. DharmaMike says:

    The phrase “get on with your life” implies that there might be something else that can be done. You will do what you do regardless of how much fun or sex you have, how much money you make, or how nicely you treat the elderly. Spending every waking moment listening to the Advaita show or reading the comments on the blog is okay. If sitting around pondering your navel and not “getting it” is what you do, then that’s okay. You will do what you do.

  11. Dan's Hand (not spastic today... it's tired) says:

    Yes… Dharma Mike we all will do what we will. Hopefully, we see the illusion or appearance as just that an “appearance” not the reality that is beyond it and is the true reality. As Bob has stated, “reality is that which can neither be created or destoyed…” if I recall correctly.

    The present moment thing hits me hard how the mind needs this attachment to the past or the future. It’s an animal alright… it’s like it is fighting for it’s survival. The present is death to it as Bob has stated. The title of Bob’s book “What’s Wrong with Now if You Don’t Think About It” is SO SO SO TRUE!

    YO Cameron… I like your ending… it’s so you…

    For the sake of the “rollying good fun Yippie yi yippie yea… old podcast coming back… I’d like to add the following if I may… pg 61 of James Braha’s book, “Living Reality”:

    ” Although the world certainly seems real, the only thing we can know for sure is that we are; we cannot say we don’t exist. The one and only constant in our lives is our present awareness. ‘The present moment that is happening, right here, right now, and has been happening, right here,right now, for as long as memory serves is our reprieve.’ It is that present awareness that we cannot deny and which is who we actually are, that reveals that we were never born and will never die. Understanding this, we are free, we are fearless, we are forever.”

    Thanks Cameron, Bob, Everyone,>>>> I think Cameron is tired and may not want to play anymore… unless that is if your a long legged blonde about 25.

    Dan’s Hand!

  12. Cameron says:

    DharmaMike “If sitting around pondering your navel and not “getting it” is what you do, then that’s okay. You will do what you do.”

    Very true, we all “seem” to do what we have to “seem” to do.

    And that includes me slapping you and telling you to SNAP OUT OF IT. The world “seems” to need people GETTING THEIR SHIT TOGETHER and not sitting around contemplating their navel.

    Enlightenment isn’t an excuse for being lazy sons-of-bitches.

    IN my zen monastery, you “Chop wood, carry water… Quickly!” Or I’ll hit you with my stick.

  13. ???????? says:

    Cameron, if we don””””””t exist as a seperate entity, then who’s having all this sex and money grubbing? Seperate entity ? What does that really mean? Not part of the environment, not a body -mind? Doesn’t a seperate entity mean a world unto it’s self.
    Nobody could really think that could they. All it really means is that I’m differant than some other Body-Mind. True or Not?

  14. Richard says:


    Thanks for your reply. Now if I can just get my wife to agree with the “lots of sex” part.

    U.G. and J. Krishnamurti were discussed briefly on the show.

    One day U.G. saw one of his students reading a J. Krishnamurti book. He took the book out of the student’s hand and said, “That bastard. He fucks his friend’s wife and then tells others how to live.”

    Warm regards,

  15. Cameron says:

    popdog, there isn’t any “who” – that’s the point. There is just the appearance, the happening and the doing and this is what you are. Haven’t you worked that out yet?

  16. DharmaMike says:

    Cameron, come on! Lazy sons-of-bitches don’t need excuses…we’re too lazy to formulate them. Plus, as you so aptly informed popdog, there is only the appearance of lazy sons-of-bitches. It’s impossible to do nothing; you will do something, and whatever you do is valid. Sounds like you’re just irritated that people aren’t doing what you want them to do.

    The bigger question is: Why do we seek? Because we think that we’re doing something we aren’t supposed to be doing or that we’re doing something wrong. The hope is that by attaining enlightenment, we’ll somehow live lives in accordance with the way things ought to be and that all our problems will fade away. Recognizing that one is doing only what one can do is the first step in dropping the search. Changing my perception of how I live my life is one of the most valuable things I’ve learned from The Advaita Show.

  17. Steven Witt says:


    Your first paragraph, when fully swallowed and roundly digested by no one, perfectly answers your second — “we” do not seek; it is seen by looking inward that there never was a “we” doing or to do anything (Cameron’s admonitions notwithstanding.)

    You are not doing “only what one can;” you are not doing anything — how can an appearance do something? You are witnessing one big-ass freeakin’ doing doing itself, which includes that fictional you wondering what is wrong or right.

    Bigger than, so, so much bigger than, there is no you is the re-cognizing THERE IS NO-THING, no time, no space — zippo. That which you find when you look inside and thought stops or even pauses for a tic, as Bob points out.

    Infinite emptiness run (cognizing) by zippy the pinhead, aka God.

    and love, which is what zippy is whenever and wherever he appears.

  18. Steven Witt says:


    Your first paragraph, when fully swallowed and roundly digested by no one, perfectly answers your second — “we” do not seek; it is seen by looking inward that there never was a “we” doing or to do anything (Cameron’s admonitions notwithstanding.)

    You are not doing “only what one can;” you are not doing anything — how can an appearance do something? You are witnessing one big-ass freeakin’ doing doing itself, which includes that fictional you wondering what is wrong or right.

    Bigger than, so, so much bigger than, there is no you is the re-cognizing THERE IS NO-THING, no time, no space — zippo. That which you find when you look inside and thought stops or even pauses for a tic, as Bob points out.

    Infinite emptiness run (cognizing) by zippy the pinhead, aka God.

    and love, which is what zippy is whenever and wherever he appears.

  19. Cameron says:

    … and once you digest that paragraph… then what?

    Get on with life. Pull yer illusionary heads outta yer illusionary asses and get busy. This illusionary world needs wood to be chopped and water to be fetched!

  20. Steven Witt says:

    Ah Cameron, champion of the “you don’t exist so get busy” school…

    pure fun that.

  21. Cameron says:

    yup. i think that’ll be the title of my book. “You Don’t Exist – Now Get The Fuck On With It.”

  22. Steven Witt says:

    While you pen that one pager, i will be penning my own, titled:


    “There is no effort in witnessing. You understand that you are the witness only, and the understanding acts. You need nothing more, just remember that you are the witness only.”

    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

  23. Fred Claret says:

    If it isn’t seen that the search is a total waste of time and that there is no self then the wood can seem very hard and the water dead heavy and navel gazing and spending hours listening to the advaita show is a good distraction. And anyone shouting ‘get a life” is an arsehole.
    If however it is seen, then the wood can still be hard and the water heavy but who gives a shit ? (+ you might find that actually you really love it) and navel gazing then becomes nearly as boring as the show and you can’t bear it anymore and hey presto you might just find you have a life after all………(just joking I love the show really).

    Not that I am suggesting that one should “see it” as that is plainly just more searching.

  24. popdog says:

    Cameron is the body -mind just an appearance? Does consciousness exists without it?What does appearance mean to you? Dharma Mike I’m not a lazy son’s a bitch . I’ve look into this shit for 40 years . My conclusion is that you believe what you want and the results are what you want them to be! My beleive is that we’re made up of these intelligent little particles that play the way they want to play. To me advaita is just a bandaid for people who can’t deal with body-mind problems, it’s not me that having a problem it’s just the appearance. Please give me an Enema to flush this horseshit from my system! I may appear to be real negative about advaita , but I’ve experienced so many I’m the light that I just want people to really look into this with open eyes . I want to thank you Cameron for providing a space for open discussion about it! Steven I’d to thank for making me think this could be for real! For anyone who would like a christian point of veiw on no self , check out Bernadette Roberts. Advaita the ultimate voyeur!!!!!!!!!!!! “Balls to the wall”:}

  25. neal says:

    Excellent show yet again with some newness that was noticed.

    Before enlightenment chop wood carry water
    after enlightenment bash wood with thing,
    splash about in water.

    the kingdom of heaven belongs to the little children.


    poo poo.


  26. marcelo says:

    Cam, why tell people what to do? why not just point them to their true nature, and let the rest take care of itself.

    Which it will, as it has with me.

    As it has with you.

    Are you sure you didn’t ‘accidently’ think you were posting on G’day world?

    Telling people to go and make money? c’mon… you do realise that your wealth is paid for buy the less fortunate? Do you know why the third world exists?
    Because people like you and Rhonda Byrne make silly comments, without knowing were your wealth comes from.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not anti money… but greed is a mean dog that leaves people rabid.

    As far as sex goes… i’m all for sexual liberation, not sexual concentration…

    apart from that, i agree with most of what you say

    peace brother

    Feel free to kick my arse if you think i’m wrong here… as far as talking about the happening – we could all be wrong.

  27. marcelo says:

    An after thought…

    Doesn’t this insight show you ‘something’ else? Isn’t it meant to calm us all down a little bit? And not chase after the things we used when we thought we were seperate?

  28. Cameron says:

    Marcelo, sex, money, fun – it’s all good. I wasn’t suggesting that everyone needs to aspire to being The Donald, just to get on it living their lives and not sitting around in advaita limbo. In case you hadn’t noticed by now, I’m the advaita bad guy. I don’t claim to know anything or “get” anything. My only position is that 1) there is no evidence to support the theory that I am a separate entity 2) life is to be lived. Yeah yeah, people will do whatever they do, yada yada. That’s true but boring to state repeatedly. MY particular “functioning”, on G’Day World as you know, is to shake people up about the state of the world. And I don’t know why that should stop when I blog here.

    YES – ‘you’ are an illusion.
    YES – the illusion continues even when you stop believing it to be real.
    YES – the illusory world requires people, good, smart, active people, to get involved.

    Cameron’s goal (yes, the illusory, conceptual Cameron) is to shake people up, get them off their fat, white, flabby asses, to make the world (yes, the illusory, conceptual world) a better place.

    Sorry about that, but it’s just how God made me. 🙂

    And if you ever use my name and Byrne’s name in the same sentence again, I’ll hunt you down.

  29. DharmaMike says:

    The (illusory) world changes when (illusory) people change their (illusory) selves. Who judges whether a change is for the better or for the worse? This is just a solo show and one is one’s own audience. Let the role be played, enjoy the show, and stop heckling.

  30. DharmaMike says:

    hmmm…maybe zippy the pinhead’s just a wanker, then.

  31. marcelo says:

    No need to be sorry – it wasn’t really a critiscism… i’m just trying to work shit out. I have actually learnt a lot from g’day world, and truly appreciate what your doing.

    If your here to shake people up, then maybe i’m here to shake you up!

    ok ok maybe not.

    It was telling people to ‘go make money’ bit that bothered ‘me’. Change ‘go make money’ to ‘do what you love’ (if it works on that level you’ll make money anyway) but that ‘money’ shouldn’t be thee ‘intention’

    btw, you can leave the hunting party at home.

    We’ve both got bigger fish to fry

  32. Jo says:

    Hi Cam and gang.

    For a really concise take on the illusion of free will in the context of Liberation. Check out: From Here to Here: Turning Toward Enlightenment by Gary Crowley.

    At only 96 pages, it’s really easy to read with plenty of science bits (and diagrams).
    Check out snippets on Amazon!

  33. Graeme says:


    On one of your earlier shows you mentioned that you had lots of Ramesh Balsekar audio stuff you were thinking of throwing to the hungry mob via the miracle of the podcast. Any update on that?


  34. Cameron says:

    Yeah I’ve got some Ramesh recordings but havent worked out a deal with his people yet to allow me to publish them.

  35. ??????????????? says:

    When Bob sez that there is only one , then sez there is the appearance. Is the the appearance the oneness? Please explain.

  36. Cameron says:

    Yes, only one, Popdog, only one. It’s all the one. But don’t take bob’s word for it. Look and see.

  37. popdog says:

    Cameron I’d like to thank you for your tolerance of someone who post maybe dumbass questions after mowing his lawn and drinking a glass or three of wine. Like if there is only one isn’t the so called self that to ? Any time you say there’s this and that , it implies more than one.

  38. Cameron says:

    Popdog, you shouldn’t drink and mow. It’s dangerous. Yes, it’s all one. And yes, different forms seem to appear in the one. I like to think of it as watching a TV show. Lots of characters, sets, stories – but they are just a stream of electrons being beamed to my TV. The characters only have as much reality as you give them by believing in them. Did Tony Soprano really get whacked? Should I cry? Applaude? Or tell myself he’s only an illusion, a concept in my mind?

  39. mike smith says:

    great show from the drawer

    If you ever need a guest speaker for an upcoming show…. look me up.

  40. Helen says:

    Bob has a new CD out, “Not just for the few” –

    Thanks Elliott!

    Helen in LA

  41. Mar7k says:


    Very profound. Is there any more where that came from?

  42. JC DC says:

    Descartes in a bar.
    So Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Want the usual?” Descartes replies, “I think not.” Poof . . . he disappears.
    Another sailor, Popeye da sailorman says, “I yam what I yam and dat’s all dat I yam.”
    That sums up all you guys say, but, “I” want more. Where have you been since March?
    When is the next show?

  43. eno eralla says:


    “I” see ( AND EXPERIENCE BRIEFLY) that the “separate entity I ” is just concept s (thoughts that comes up that define the bodymind organism) with no reality– and that what is real is the KNOWING that is the awake emptiness left when defining thoughts do not arise. Yet disidentification has not occurred in this case. (excuse the reference to time) HELP!

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