The Advaita Show #48 – Bob's Joint Sept 2, 2008

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August 19, 2008
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September 17, 2008
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The Advaita Show #48 – Bob's Joint Sept 2, 2008

I went to Bob’s place on Tuesday, Sept 2, and shot some video of his talk. This is part 1, Bob’s opening words. Part 2 is the group discussion and will follow soon. Part 1 is about 30 minutes long and the file is about 230Mb if you choose to download it.


  1. Preston says:

    Thanks for posting this, Cameron.

  2. vira says:

    Bob rocks!!! Even when I don’t understand what he is saying!

    Now that Sarah Palin is goin for it there is finally an advaitan candidate I can support. She really gets it and anyone who thinks she does not should try gutting a moose themselves!

  3. tomasz says:

    Hi Cameron,

    Thanks a bunch for making this available for everyone!!
    I’m sure you’re a some kind of boddhisatva:
    “In Tibetan Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is anyone who is motivated by compassion and seeks enlightenment not only for him/herself but also for everyone…”
    As I’m sure Bob is a Tibetan monk humming throughout the vid !
    Cool, I like It !


  4. tomasz says:

    Yes , vira, I am with you.
    Sarah Palin, is already THAT !

  5. Helen says:

    Thanks Cameron!

    All the best,

    Helen in LA

  6. marcelo says:

    “Now that Sarah Palin is goin for it there is finally an advaitan candidate I can support. She really gets it and anyone who thinks she does not should try gutting a moose themselves!”

    “Yes , vira, I am with you.
    Sarah Palin, is already THAT !

    Tears running down my cheeks people… fucking hilarious!

    I’m glad advaitins are seekers and not politicians.

  7. Cameron says:

    Yes, Marcelo, THAT appears as redneck, anti-environmentalist, creationist wingnuts like Palin as well. 🙂

  8. marcelo says:

    he he…

    Hey, your speaking to me!

    Thought my podcast scared you off.

  9. Sandy says:

    I have a question please. Does Sailor Bob experience any mental suffering at all? I still have times of mental suffering. IT SUCKS!!!

  10. tomasz says:

    Hi Sandy,

    If you like you can put your question on the comments section of:

  11. Sandy says:

    thanks much!!

  12. tomasz says:

    Sandy, Also podcast 8 and 12 of might be to the point.

  13. michael says:

    Sarah Palin says that Obama will turn the waters and heal the sick !
    So she acknowledges that advaitin OBAMA acquired siddhis as a result of his realisation!

  14. […] The Advaita Show #48 – Bob’s Joint Sept 2, 2008 I went to Bob’s place on Tuesday, Sept 2, and shot some video of his talk. This is part 1, Bob’s opening words. Part 2 is the group discussion and will follow soon. Part 1 is about 30 minutes long and the file is about 230Mb if you choose to download it. […]

  15. Helen says:

    Come on, Cam! Tantalize us no longer! Put up Part 2.


    Helen in LA

  16. daniel says:

    The fact that Bob can do and say this stuff over and over is a testment to his compassion. Thanks Cameron for putting this up, I can’t wait for the next segment. As time goes on I hope you’re able to do more video podcasts.

  17. tom says:

    This.Blesw.My. Puny. Mind !!

    Geneva, 10 September 2008. The first beam in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was successfully steered around the full 27 kilometres of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator at 10h28 this morning. This historic event marks a key moment in the transition from over two decades of preparation to a new era of scientific discovery.

    Geneva, 12 September 2008. Already Scientists have created conditions similar to 10E-09ns after the BigBang. The results are verified and confirmed that at very highh energies in the order of 10E24 Giga eV discontinuities start to form in the substrate of the Universe. This means that in conditions close to the Birth of a Universe DUAL hotspots appear whereby Awareness dis-entangles from Matter; Amazingly this also explains the existence of Dark Matter wich are, according to these new findings, massive objects disentangled from Awareness. Dr. Vijai Sapristi speaks of a Copernican shift whereby the old paradigm of “Universe” is let go in favor of the more Correct “Duo-verse” paradigm. He also adds that there is no basis anymore for metaphysical speculation concerning the Oneness of the creation or in regarding Awareness to be the Absolute without contradicting these clear and obvious scientific findings wich are corroborated with theoretical quantumphysics. He also adds that his search has come to an end and that we finally can lift the burden of millenia of cultural and religious superstition about the One and the Absolute. Quoting Dr.Vijai Sapristi: “I knew It all along: It’s all superstitious Hogwash!”

  18. tom says:

    This.Blew.My. Puny. Mind !!

    PS: Considering these new findings I was wondering if there will be a review of “What’s wrong with right Now…” ? Will it change in the Basics?

  19. MadMama says:


  20. tom says:

    Well, madmama, this calls for a confrontation with Cameron as moderator. ; Sapristi vs Bob; rumble in the jungle ! Will sapristi be able to disentangle Bob from his Awareness?
    If so I demand a refund from the Sailor;-)

  21. MadMama says:

    HA HA! THAT WOULD BE INTERESTING! You could sell tickets!!! As for as I’m concerned I like thinking that there is no “me” to blame for the stupid things done in this body!! So, I might just be like the dumb christains who when confronted with the truth of dinosaur bones, replied..”God just put those bones there to test our faith in believing in creation instead of evolution”

    One thing I’ll shall stand by is, “ORGANIZED RELIGION IS ORGANIZED CRIME” $$$$$$$

    I was going to tithe to Cameron but someone told me is already a muti -millionaire so I guess I’ll send my offering to Sailor Bob!

  22. Cameron says:

    MadMama – LOL!! Whoever told you I’m loaded knows something I don’t know.

  23. tom says:

    I’m loaded i n a way although Tony Parsons is right when says This is total poverty.
    At the same time I can say with Ben Harper in I’ll Rise:
    Cause I walk like Ive got a diamond mine
    Breakin up in my front yard” 😉

    Seeing something beautifull and wanting to buy it seems unnecessary,
    since everything is THAT, you already have it in away; Impossible to buy anything NEW. In a sense it is seen that everything is NEW even that dinasourbone only ever exists NOW ! I’m even dumber than those christians;-)

    As for ORGANIZED RELIGION :(re-ligion: means to reconnect, wich cannot be organized since it already is the case)

    102. Jesus said:
    “Damn the Pharisees! They are like a dog sleeping in the cattle manger: the dog neither eats nor lets the cattle eat.” “The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.”

  24. tom says:

    One thing I’ll shall stand by is, “ORGANIZED RELIGION IS ORGANIZED CRIME” $$$$$$$

    So you’ll agree with me that women shouldn’t be allowed to become priests (in the catholic church). Yes on that point I have to agree with the pope 😉

  25. MadMama says:

    It’s just because the male priest don’t feel that women could look as inviting as little boys do in their little priestly robes!! I got that from good authority (Jay Leno) . My definition of religion is: RETURN TO BONDAGE!

    Tom, Did the “powerful particle accelerator” cause the particles to travel the speed of light? I heard somewhere that traveling the speed of light:

    From LIGHT”S point of view means

    Just tell me if that’s a dumb question cause honestly I have very limited education… Ok, I lied (bad madmama!)I have NO education when it comes to this stuff?

  26. daniel says:

    As Bob says “everything is valid in the appearance” beleive what you want ,you have to live in your little chemical robot. You-who? Hey Tom were you an altar boy or something?

  27. daniel says:

    Son of a bitch, where you?

  28. daniel says:

    No, son of a bitch were you, I can’t help it, the Hadron Collider has created little black holes in my brain and they’re sucking what small intelligence I had in. Oh NOOOOooooo!

  29. tom says:

    I would give a lifetime of servitude and bondage if there is a female priestess involved.
    I would love to be an altarboy for ISIS for instance:

    (It’s so funny when people are against an institution like the church and liken it to the mafia
    but still want equal rights for man and woman in it. If somebody threatens you with a knife,
    do you say : let me clean that knife first so that it’s all shiny before you kill me. So I like
    to provoke them ,saying I’m against women becomming priests: It works almost always 🙂

    As for the LHC collider: The protons have a Lorentz factor of about 7,500 and move at about 99.999999%
    of the speed of light. It will take less than 90 microseconds for a proton to travel once
    around the main ring – a speed of about 11,000 revolutions per second. One revolution being
    27 kilometer, that’s the circumference of the thing.

    The photon, however negligible has mass.
    The mass of the photon converts to energy and becomes mass back on striking a surface.

    What I find very strange is: If you would see a representation of our milkyway which is
    100.000 lightyears in diameter or from any other galaxy, you can see the whole thing in one glimpse
    But if you would represent a lightbeam travelling from one end to the other it would apparently
    move at a snaile’s pace and finally need 100.000 years to get there. And yet as the photo would show
    It’s all there at once, Immediate, Now. Wich is what two stars at opposite ends would have in common:
    They are only Now. Yet from the ‘standpoint of light’ they don’t ‘know’ each other right-Now.
    This is very puzzling 🙂
    Maybe you can explain that one to me Madmama. For Al I know you might have a degree in quantumphysics.;-)

  30. MadMama says:

    Daniel & Tom..Ha HA! You guys crack me up.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. 😉

    (Maybe you can explain that one to me Madmama. For Al I know you might have a degree in quantumphysics.;-)

    I would take the time to ease your puzzled mind but then I would have to kill you!

    Anyway,TED is on the phone asking me to lecture at the next meeting on ” the properties of 3 non-baryonic particles classifications and define gravity, natural neural networks ,organic chemistry, information, and vacuum with these classifications.

  31. MadMama says:

    The truth is;

    I’m a cabbage farmer/preachers’s wife. I’ve spent my life raising my children which are now in college. I have a great interest in the scientific side of non-duality (if there is such a thing). MY story is:

    I was buying groceries( just like always) and at the end of the asile there was a man just standing there staring at me with a brilliant smile on his face, he look like a begger. (I honesly thought later he may have been sent by the devil to steal my faith) HA! As I was leaving the store he appeared again with same smile, said nothing. our eyes locked…….I jumped into my car and drove off. Someone later gave me what I considered an “evil new age” book which I would have never read but the picture on the front reminded me of the man in the grocery store so I took it and read it. Since then I have slowly but surely come to understand non-duality. I don’t share this with people I know they would think I’m a looney tuner!!! But I just want to say THANKS to all you guys for sharing your knowledge with me. Please no farmer’s daughter jokes remember I’m the farmer’s wife!!!! ha ha! 🙂

  32. tom says:

    Hi Madmama,

    What a nice story ! And what a lucky lifetime to have stumbled upon non-dualism in such a way; The openness had already to be there for you to be touched by that smile !Beautiful
    Was It a book about Ramana, I wonder.; Doesn’t matter.

    Anyway tell TED for me that the nature of reality is like a cabbage, layer upon layer until you reach the vacuum, the non-baryonic YOU wich is EVERYTHING 🙂

    No joke, I think your daughters are very lucky to have a mama like you ; ’cause you’re free from your role in this dream!
    best regards,

  33. MadMama says:


    Thanks so much for the kind words and yes I’m free from role in this dream…I truly feel as if “I’ve found the “PEARL OF GREAT PRICE” the bible speaks of!

    It was a thin book called: “The Spiritual teachings of Ramana Maharshi”.

    Best regards to you as well and thanks again!

    Mama ain’t mad no more!!!! he he 🙂

  34. Steven Witt says:

    Mad Momst:

    That very book was such a true companion to me, and it still sings.

    Check out page 50:

    “The moon shines by refelcting the light of the sun. When the sun has set, the moon is useful for displaying objects. When the sun has risen, no one needs the moon, though its disc is visible in the sky. So it is with the mind and the Heart. The mind is made useful by its reflected light. IT IS USED FOR SEEING OBJECTS. (CAPS ADDED) When turned inward, it merges ito the Source of Illumination, which shines by Itself, and the mind then is like the moon in the daytime.”

    Ever since this flew into my heart and stuck, I just love to see the “moon in the daytime.”

    Such a beautiful way to see that the mind is there, has its role, but it only reflects the light which is ALL, and thus has no power of its own.

    Much love to you farm chick….and i love farm girls!

  35. vira says:

    MadMama, glad to see you are finding it! Even the sexist comments such as, “… and i love farm girls” or the rampant sexist reporting claiming Palin must be unqualified because she is attractive are all good because they are all aspects to the now.

    Wishing for things to be different would simply be to not recognize the absoluteness of what is and the absolution it brings.

  36. MadMama says:


    Wow, I did check out that page, I’ve read that before but this time it had much more meaning! I shall look at the moon in the daytime with new insight Thanks so much!


    Thanks, I so glad I’m finding it as well. I didn’t find Steven’s comment about the farm girls sexist at all. It made me laugh in the NOW!! 🙂

  37. Steven Witt says:

    No Mad Matriarch, Vira’s right, I mispoke.

    I should have said “I so appreciate the sacred feminine in rural, bucolic settings”…stuck is stuck on words or whatever.

    Also, about that Pearl you found, careful now….nothing found, nothing ever realized as THAT.

    “The twelve gates of the New Jerusalem are reportedly each made of a single pearl in Revelation 21:21, that is, the Pearly Gates. “And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every gate was of one pearl: and the streets of the city were pure gold, as if transparent glass.”

    What people miss in the pearl reference is so clear as “gates”. Tell me, what is the only thing that could pass through 12 tiny holes in 12 pearly gates (or the ol’ eye of the needle for that matter?)

    Hear the sound of the deepest, sweetest chant of om you have ever imagined…that IS what passes into what never moves, what IS, the kingdom of Heaven!!!


  38. MadMama says:

    Ha Ha! I like that. It has a ring to it…Mad Matriarch!

    Thanks for clearing up the finding of the pearl thing. Acutally in appearance it looks as if I’ve lost instead of found anyway!As you say.. nothing found, nothing ever realized as THAT.

    “Hear the sound of the deepest, sweetest chant of om you have ever imagined…that IS what passes into what never moves, what IS, the kingdom of Heaven!!!” WOW! beautifully put!

    I appreciate the sharing so much! 🙂

  39. kris says:

    Steve, I don’t think your comment was sexist either. Vira is being ridiculous. All this talk about the moon reminds me of a quote from your book (which i LOVE):

    “It’s reveling to watch Nature and not add a single thought or story to what is seen. Ah, this perfect movie is forever free with no late fees!”

    Kris, a farm gal at heart…

  40. daniel says:

    Nature , I saw a hummingbird close up while grilling , it made me cry is was so beautiful!

  41. tom says:

    Everything is valid in the appearance, but grilling a hummingbird is stretching it , me thinks. Hopefully Vira’ll give you absolution 😉

  42. Stig says:

    The feeling of awe I get from seeing hills, valleys, rivers, trees and animals I now also get from high streets, supermarkets and people, it’s all nature and it’s all fantastic! These comments, no matter what they say, are all amazing. Just that they are here and the way they grow from one comment to the next it’s mind blowing! I love it!

  43. vira says:

    Hey Stig, you post so reminds me of another guru’s teaching:

    “If everything is already That — including you, mountains, bugs, clouds, trees and animals — then what is there to get other than That? NOTHING!!!!”

  44. Bert VanDercar says:

    Cameron, my brother. I am missing Part 2 on the page as I view it in Safari on a Mac. Is this right or have you not yet posted it?

    Also, thanks for keeping this site going. You’re a stand up guy Cameron.

  45. Cameron Reilly says:

    Yeah sorry Bert, I haven’t gotten around to editing Part 2 yet.

  46. tomasz says:

    In following a quote from Douglas Harding concerning ‘Scientific Reality’ and the One Reality:”So I say: things are too complex and too missing, too scattered in space and time, too out-to-lunch, to be seen” !!!

    No Partial Sightings Of The Origin

    Now I put it to you that this seeing of the Perfect One at your core is instantaneous and perfect seeing. That to see Him at all is to see Him all at once and as He is. That there are no blurred or partial sightings of your Origin. How different it is when you view Its products! Take for instance those hands of yours, one holding this book and the other pointing at its Reader. However long and carefully you study this scene – the hugely complex patterning and texture-range and colour-range of those familiar objects – you miss most of it, and quickly forget what you did get. Moreover you left out the hierarchy of little things it consists of and big things it depends on, and without which it isn’t so much as a surface, isn’t anything at all. So I say: things are too complex and too missing, too scattered in space and time, too out-to-lunch, to be seen. At best they are glimpsed. Only the No-thing which is the God who is perfectly simple and altogether present (present in two – no, three! – senses of that portmanteau word) can be perfectly seen, can be seen at all. And who but Himself can see Himself? (God, article by Douglas Harding.)

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