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February 9, 2006
The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
February 17, 2006
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More bad news….

Okay, now I’m getting really scared to tell you folks this, ’cause you’re getting kind of creepy, but….

Eliot just emailed me to tell me he didn’t get to record a show with Bob this week. He is sorrier than Dick Cheney but them’s the breaks. Geeeez, between my iPod frakups, and Eliot’s miss, the intelligence energy must REALLY hate you people! What have you done to piss it off so much lately???


Here’s what I’m going to do.

Because I know you are all hanging out for your little burst of enlightenment this week, like rabid zombies who haven’t eaten human flesh in a week, I’m going to ring his Bobness in the morning and see if I can get 30 minutes with him on the phone or in person tomorrow. See if he can slip me into his busy schedule of … you know… being in nirvana and dealing with pathetic seekers trying to kiss his feet.

If he can fit me in, I will re-schedule my entire day around getting some enlightenment nourishment for you crazy people.

If he cannot see me tomorrow, then you’re just going to have to make do with the 2nd tier enlightenment on offer out there… you know who I’m talking about… until next Tuessssssday.


Let the complaining begin.


  1. glenn thomson says:

    You poor bugger….. you are probably wondering what you’ve started here. No complaints just thanks !



  2. Enrique says:

    Ahhhh…now i feel better.
    carry on..

  3. Nadeem says:

    Cameron, Tuesday is an infinite number of moments away. That’s far too long to wait.

    Have you completed your guru-training courses yet? I’m sure you could answer some questions here in the RSS without plunging us into eternal ignorance with a bad phrase. Your answers have been excellent so far.

    ummm. Can’t think of any questions… weather nice?
    oh yes. Does it really matter what we are? Isn’t the only efficacious part the seeing what we are not? Or does seeing what we are prevent lapses back into what we are not?

  4. Pablo says:

    We know it´s all part of the ten-step trainning towards revealing the secret of nirvana… so it´s cool.

  5. Cameron :{

    So his Bobness has taken it upon himself to interefere with the Universe and create this debacle so that YOU can finally see that you and Elliot are One…even without an Ipod.

    Who’s to follow with next episode of No Thingness.

    I’m OK with the silence bit of the Universe and everything and can even manage a smile….

    But I want a bloody good laugh

    From Karl (The winging Pomm:)

  6. Luly says:

    Cam, i had to lol. you’re great! love you guys for all your caring and efforts.
    no problema, all’s (obviously) well.
    we just have an addiction to you lovely guys.
    as far as answering questions goes, well … can’t we all just share whatever it is we have to share?! we know what Cam, Bob and Eliot are talking about (as Bob is always reminding us) so ….

    maybe someone has some jem to share regarding whether the use of psychotherapy is a helpful approach to dislodge the habitual patterns that make it seem that we are an identity. or does it simply reenforce that identity.

    Enrique, i’m w/ you. probresitos nosotros!
    yeah right! que suerte tenemos con Bob, Cam & Eliot.

    Pablo, i ditto what you said.

    Nadeem, infinite moments??? hm, here there seems to be only this moment, if i can even call it that! but i know how you feel! WHERE’S THE I.V.?!!! :-))

    thanx for all the fish!

  7. ravi says:

    In Hindu Astrology Tuesday is generally considered inauspicious. Try changing to another day of the week 🙂

    thanks for all the efforts Cameron


  8. Richard says:

    Hey y’all,

    One can find a little known work of Nisargadatta’s on http://www.itisnotreal.com/gpage3.html .

    Where can I find out what all these little markings such as 🙂 mean so I can be hip?

    Whatever you’re doing to gain enlightenment, drop it!

  9. Helen says:


    Many thanks from Helen, ravenous in LA.

  10. Enrique says:

    Hey Richard look sideways at the little markings… ; )

    Lulu,,….sabes que ‘you’ have always been with ‘me’….
    as Donny Hathaway once put it “everythang is everythang”

    Ravi….in hispanic culture there is a saying “en martes ni te embarques ni te cases” meaning on tueday don’t travel or get married….hmmmm…

    Karl….want a goog laugh?just read back your last entry….

    Love you Cam…..

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