The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

More bad news….
February 16, 2006
The Long-Awaited Advaita Show #022
February 21, 2006
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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Okay so I spoke with his Bobness this morning and he said that he has plans today with Barb, and if he tries to pull out, she will kick the sat-chit-ananda right out of him! And he’s an old man, so we don’t want THAT happening, do we!

So it’s next week folks. Here’s what my promise to you, because you’ve been so patient…

I, the true I, masquarading as an imaginary entity known as “Cameron Reilly”, will, to the best of “my” ability, which, as we all know, is ZERO because there is no entity to have “free will”, carry out the bidding of the Intelligence Energy next “Tuesday” (time being a concept) and will NOT use my iPod to record the show. I (the true there-is-only-one-without-a-second “I”, not the imaginary “me”, will use my (again, subjective relative concept, the phenomenon of the noumenon-which-I-am) laptop. I (true “I” again) will also (again, within the limits of the complete lack of volition that this non-entity has) faithfully continue to act the part of the foolish questioner for the benefit (nothing to gain, no-one to become, nothing to do, no path, you are already that which you seek) of the audience, even though I (true “I”) have been convinced for quite some years now that there is no entity called “Cameron” and that everything else concerning “life”, “the Universe”, and “Everything” is just a great way to spend “time” talking about nothing to no-one, selling books, pretending to be gurus, smiling serenely, etc. 🙂


  1. Helen says:

    Cameron – Fair enough!

    Helen in LA

  2. Linda says:

    I love it, you are so entertaining Cameron, thanks heaps for your efforts. Great comments from the group too. How about some more Advaitaman to fill the void until Tuesday.

  3. Luly says:

    well …. fair deal.
    what waiting???
    hardest part of … what?
    Cam, ‘you’ sure can spin it. ‘i’ love it.
    but ‘you’ just about said it all … ‘i’ guess.
    (imaginary you, imaginary i, i.e.=intelligence energy)

  4. Cameron says:

    first three comments all from women? I thought the chicks weren’t into advaita?

  5. Steven Witt says:

    Hands down, you are the smartest self-proclaimed slow guy I have ever met.

    You are, as Alan Watts proclaimed himself, “a spiritual entertainer.”

    And a good bloke to top it all.

    Fester. some master, some guru — blows off all of his needy “pupils-in-need-of-a-good pointing-or-two” to go have a date with his sweetheart. That’s Life! Good on him, the old dog must be sensing something:)

  6. Luke says:

    I’m not sure this will hold up in court.

  7. Rick says:

    Have enough coffee on Tuesday and dont forget to charge the laptop.

    this can be found in chapter one of ‘advise to a spiritul friend’

  8. Cameron says:

    Rick I’ve also got spare batteries and a spare change of underwear.

    Luke, who are they going to put on trial?

    Steven the Witness – stop it or you’ll blow my character’s cover.

  9. Luke says:

    And indeed who will try it? The intriguing case of I am v’s I am.

    I remember reading in the paper some years ago of some guy claiming innocence in court to some crime ‘he’ committed claiming that since he did not have free will he could not be held responsible for the crime. The judge gave his arguments due consideration before sentencing his illusory self to spend some imaginary time behind make-believe bars.

  10. Karl says:

    Cameron !!

    Karl :))

  11. Mark says:

    ha ha. Luke, that is funny. That’s my challenge with Advaita and the no free will thing. If there’s nobody here consciously choosing one thing over another, then that means we’re all robots with no choice, responsibility, or control over our actions whatsoever, and in light of your above example, we say “rubbish” to that idea. Cameron, your thoughts on the Luke’s illustration? Clearly there’s some force of will that opposes God’s natural, healthy, loving way. Some call it ego, the devil, or the ‘wave that forgets it’s part of the ocean’.

    But clearly it’s a force with power, no?

    Watts says it’s the reason most men don’t want to make love to a plastic woman is that in reality we don’t want to control anyone. We want a real live woman with a will to freely choose us. Is God any different? If we don’t have free will, what then is that force that allows us to choose God’s way or “my” way?

  12. Cameron says:

    Mark, you ask:

    “If there’s nobody here consciously choosing one thing over another, then that means *we’re* all robots with no choice,….”

    WAIT?!!! WHO IS THE ROBOT? WE? But you just said there’s nobody here! If there is nobody here, then there is nobody to *be* a robot. Nobody to go on trial. Nobody to get sentenced to life by the judge without a sense of humour. Nobody sitting in the small, cramped cell, eating cockroaches and trying not to bend down to pick up the soap in the shower block! 🙂

    Our legal system today assumes people have free will.

    But 400 years ago, our legal system also assumed people were in the control of witches and the devil.

    See that there is no entity in the first place and everything else will fall into place dude.

    NOW – enough chattering, little monkey brain. Go chop wood.

  13. Luly says:

    thanks for turning me on to Donny Hathaway. i’d forgotten all about him. how could i!?
    great music.
    anyways, es la verdad, “everythang is! everythang” ’cause what else is there?!?

    see? … we’re all “chopping wood” together, thru this imaginary ethernet world here.
    as one of my daughters likes to remind me occasionally; this monkey mind likes to chatter but “it don’t mean a thing”.
    she and her sis are 25 now, and at their age i wasn’t even 1/2 as wise as they.
    she tells me that when she paints, the monkey shuts up.
    check out their websites
    @ (paints in oils and sculpts)
    @ (photographs and weaves)
    out of the mouths of babes!
    i’m going to send them you and Bob’s way when they are ‘down under’. (why do we call it that?? under what??! more concepts! )


  14. Bob Seal says:

    Introducing the Non-Duality Twins. (cartoon).

    These guys are Two not One!!
    These little guys are always trying to be with the One.
    But they have the problem of being twins trying to understand non-duality.
    Not This, Not That.
    Neti Neti!

    stay tuned . . .

  15. Richard says:

    First, Cam says to give up my free will concept. Then, Mark says to give up my plastic woman. Where will it all end?

  16. Mark says:

    Ha ha. Whatever floats your boat Richard. 😉

  17. Rich Daddy says:

    Oh yes… i thought i had it all figured out once… what the mind confessed to the plastic jesus balanced out what the body did with the plastic girlfriend. Like a quadratic equation… you can have all the arithmetic mess on one side, as long as there is an equals 1… and we all know we all know we all equal 1….

  18. rich daddy gots the answers
    thas’ why he be rich, daddy

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